What The Hell Happened To Going Out On Dates?

Flickr Emily Poisel
Flickr Emily Poisel

Seriously, what the hell happened?

I’m racking my brain as to why the hell the world of dating has suddenly turned into a world of “Let’s snuggle at my place and watch a movie.”

Translation: “I’ll let you choose the background noise while I try and get into your pants.”

How exciting it is when the person you like only has to offer you the invite of going to their place? Really? We’re in that “comfort” stage already? Firstly, why is it always their place? No discrimination, this can come from the guy OR the girl. Is it pure laziness? Is for them to feel a better sense of control as to when they can kick you out? Is it that things are just too easy for them now? Sad but true, situationships are getting easier and easier as time goes on. Situationships are easier to come by, while relationships are way harder. What the hell has happened? Why is this now OK? Acceptable for some, sure, but dating on the whole? NO!

Whatever happened to having your own little date spot? Or “Are you doing anything on Thursday? We should go do something.” ‘Something’ is good! Anything!

You left the house to take a girl out—good work, it shows you’ve made some effort. Compared to the alternative, anything that involves actually going out and having a good time makes you feel like someone is actually interested in you. Me coming over to your house? It makes me feel like you are only interested in someone to fill up your spare time. If that’s the case, you’re wasting my time.

Has anyone stopped to think how appreciative someone can be over the small things? Opening the door for you, walking next to each other, NOT one person miles ahead of the other—holding hands even?

On a recent first date the guy had gone to the trouble of finding a certain type of chocolate I had told him I was planning to look for; I was in complete surprise when I he pulled it out from behind his back after we said hello. The thought, the effort, and the surprise left an awesome first impression. He was scared I was going to think he was “weird.” No one ever gets turned off by kindness and manners, so why are these things slipping away? Why do people feel there is just no need?

My dream date? A total teenager-of-the-1950’s date, bowling or going to a drive-in movie and then going to a café or smoothie bar afterwards. Something different for the modern day, but something that millions before us have already enjoyed. Those days need to come back. Old-fashioned dating is definitely not as cheesy as it sounds; I guarantee it will bring out nothing but appreciation. Bring back those days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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