I’m Not Afraid To Say I Miss You

Yanko Peyankov
Yanko Peyankov

I miss you.

Three words that could end a wave of torment, a gut wrenching period of misunderstanding, better yet a great deal of heartache. But then again, it could lead you to a response you don’t want to hear.  The best bit about that is it is EXACTLY what you need to hear. It is what will make you and what you will grow from. It is also what you need to hear in order to make your next move and continue through what life has set out for you.

I miss you. Three words that I believe should be freely spoken without fear of judgment or rejection. It’s spoken by you in your own way, and you own those three words you are speaking. No matter what the response — you gained control of the situation by staying true to it. With that you are the winner. There is an element of freedom in expressing yourself, especially having the guts to express such a strong emotion which many feel vulnerable in admitting. Whether you feel you have the guts or not though, speaking those three words when you really mean it puts you one step ahead.

I miss you. It means I miss your company. How much easier would life be if this reluctance to admit wasn’t there and people spoke freely? Missing someone is such a strong and draining emotion, imagine all the suffering you could save just by not giving a shit and putting it out there. Think of the trivial things that you are letting take over your reasoning as to why you are not going to make the effort.  Sure let them win, then suffer.

Why wait impatiently for someone to say it to you? If it’s on the tip of your tongue, in the forefront of your mind, at the bottom of your heart whenever you think of someone, it’s evident. It’s evident your soul is longing for the emotion to be known, and why does that have to be such a bad thing? Things will progress the way they are meant to from there on. Whether you want the relationship of any kind to flourish from then on or not, you have the upper hand and in that you should be proud.

I miss you. Say it… Lift that weight off your shoulders, life is too short. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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