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Do It Alone

Confront the challenges. Your worst-case scenario will likely not play out and you’ll feel proud of yourself in the end.

The Incredible Invisible Girl

She’s the girl who feels broken and certain that everyone has noticed the parts she tries to keep hidden — the depression and anxiety that she’s fought since she was a child. She’s also the girl who has spent her life waiting for someone to notice that maybe — just maybe — she wants in.

Seriously, You Need To Let It Go

I’m going to enjoy the only time I have to make changes and experience life — I’m going to be present. I’m going to fight against my naturally tendency to dwell and worry and I’m going to be here now.

Why You Should Embrace Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Even though there are long, frustrating, tear-filled, lonely nights in the process of finding out what you want, there are also amazing moments along the way. The process is not quick and the self-doubt can be brutal but you’re doing exactly what you need to do.