20 Things Only People With (Really) Curly Hair Will Understand

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Brianna Wiest

As a child I had straight hair that occasionally was wavy when the humidity was just right. But that all changed when I was around the age of 13 and  woke up one morning rocking full on fro! No lies.  It has taken me a good few years to understand how my hair works and to learn the little tricks to control it but I’ll tell you this, after years of complaining, I would never trade my hair. I love it. Here are 20 things that every person with curly hair truly understands:

1. The same hair routine will lead to different results every time. Go ahead, get excited. You think you’ve unlocked the secret to managing those luscious locks. You get a great hair day out of this new routine, so you figure you’ll give it another try. Well, jokes on you…

2. The crucial balance between straightening your hair quickly and not breaking a sweat. You probably think I’m joking. I’m not. There is definitely a balancing act going on here. Now, if only I could master it.

3. Coming to terms with the fact that one side of your hair is curlier than the other. For me, it is my left side. It just refuses to curl. It still baffles me! Whatever man. I just let it do its own thing now.

4. The joy in finding the one perfect wave and wondering why the rest of your hair can’t behave like that. Come on hair! Work with me here. What do I have to do to get you to be consistent?

5. Laughing at your stylist’s recommendation that you only use a dime-sized amount of conditioner. Hahahahaha… Nope.

6. For some people, putting braids in their hair will result in the perfect wave. But for you, it will end up giving you an Afro. See, us folks with curly hair use braids as a method of taming the wildness.

7. Your hair can give the local meteorologist a run for their money. But really, what other job could you maintain and be wrong about 90% of the time. Give someone else a shot.

8. The panic that sets in when your only hair tie breaks. Help us all.

9. Making the commitment to the ponytail. Once it’s up, it’s up. There is no going back.

10. Hearing, “Your hair looks so good when you straighten it. You should do it more often,” and not knowing if it is a genuine or backhanded compliment. Oh I’m sorry. Does my hair look the shit all the other days it’s not straight?

11. “Can I barrow a brush?” Does it look like I brush my hair?

12. It is best not to anger the beast. When in doubt — DO NOT TOUCH!

13. Letting your hair air-dry could be either the best, or worst decision. Which to choose? Which to choose?

14. You will always buy double the amount of conditioner as you do shampoo. So many knots to get out, so little conditioner to do the job with.

15. The instant bond you feel to anyone with curly hair. Finally someone who understands my daily struggle! Let’s spend hours discussing hair products, routines, little tricks and be best friends forever.

16. Rainy days = Hell on Earth. Because, no, I didn’t already have enough on my plate for the day.

17. Losing countless bobby pins in your hair only to have them magically reappear in the shower. Funny, I don’t remember putting any bobby pins in my hair today.

18. The shower is the only safe place to brush your hair. That is if you actually own a brush…

19.  Knowing that once your hair reaches a certain length, it’ll only get curlier. Note to self: short haircuts are a bad idea. It could take years to grow your hair back to its former glory.

20. The curly triangle: no volume up top and too much on the sides. I’ve have not met someone who can successfully rock this look. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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