To My Future Soulmate: This Is How I Will Love You When I Finally Meet You

It feels like I have waited for you for FOREVER. Sure, I had my fun in college, and maybe even some years after. The single life was great, but now I’m ready to settle down. All because of you. I am ecstatic we have finally met and that I am home at last.

Soulmate, now that we are together, there are some things you must know about me. You’ll have to deal with my messiness, my anxiety and my loud mouth. You’ll have to learn how to shut me up when I ramble (and trust me, I go on and on and on…you get the point). Soon enough you’ll get used to my moodiness at that time of the month, and my moodiness NOT at that time of the month.

I drink out of the milk carton. Oh, and my family is a little nuts. By nuts I mean overly protective and paranoid. My sleeping habits will be another thing to get used to. By that I mean I barely sleep.

But above all of these things, I absolutely, positively promise you that loving me is worth it, because I will make your heart happy.

I hope that we fill each other’s lives with laughter and joy. I hope that we make each other better people, and inspire each other to do well in life.

I hope that seeing my smile makes you want to do good acts in the world. I hope that you like the rings of fried calamari, because everyone knows the tentacles are my favorite. I hope you are good at math, because I am so extremely awful at it. Numbers and I aren’t friends. Words have always been my thing, anyway, but somehow you still leave me at a loss for them at times. I hope that we travel afar, explore the world, eat spectacular food and overall live life. Together.

Lastly, there is just one thing you must always remember: I love you. I have waited for you, I have found you, and I love you more than you could understand. I love you when we bicker, argue and are pissed off at each other. I love you when your parents insult my cooking, and even when YOU insult my cooking. I love you when you steal all of the covers in bed. I love you when you leave your smelly laundry in the middle of the floor. I love you when you look into my eyes, my heart and my soul. I love you when you ask me what’s wrong, because you always know when something is wrong.

Soulmate, I will always love you, in any situation, because we are meant to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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