Why God Is The Only One Who Can Heal Your Broken Heart


My boyfriend broke up with me last week. I guess he was never “technically” my boyfriend, only someone I had shared my bed and every part of my heart with, often with very little in return. It’s safe to say I’ve been a complete and miserable wreck, (only inwardly of course, seeing how I do still have to make it to my 9 to 5 everyday).

It’s a little sad and very strange how I was so willing to give my all to a mere human being when he was so flawed and so imperfect, in the exact same way that I am. Jesus tells us to save your hearts and our bodies for our spouses. It’s only in the dark days after a breakup that we fully grasp the reason why. We were all born this way, born into sin and selfishness and prone to be self-absorbed, only mostly concerned with our own feelings and misfortunes.

It is inevitable to not be hurt at some point or other in our time here on earth, and I know I’m not the first one to experience the agony that is unrequited love.

I’ve heard before that you don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this life, but you can choose who hurts you. What if instead of that phrase we started using a new one? Perhaps that you get to choose to be loved by someone who will always love you and you can soak in that love forever?

I was at dinner tonight at my favorite Chinese restaurant in town. It is amazing how sesame chicken and fried rice can distract your mind from a temporary bruised ego after a split with who once was your prince charming. I opened my fortune cookie and was very surprised to read what was written on that silly little paper that I sometimes accidentally eat.

It read “God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces.”

I instantly was reminded of the love I have always had from the one who created me. I’ve never had to work for this love or earn it. He has always given it to me fully and freely.

Sometimes I take that love for granted and I seek to fill the void in my soul with something of this world.

There are a million things I am not certain of. I am not sure who I will be tomorrow or how I will feel next week.I’m sure I will get my heart broken a few more times before I meet “the one”, and I might even break a few hearts during that journey.

One thing I can be certain of is the unfailing, unchanging love I have in Jesus Christ who I believe in with my entire heart, and that is something to be continuously grateful for. So to anyone who has felt the sting of love lost, or is currently suffering through realizing not everything is what it might seem, you can rest assured that if you have accepted Him and invited His spirit to dwell inside you, you will never be alone and most importantly, you will always be fully and fiercely loved by the only one who truly matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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