This Is What Only Communications Majors Know To Be True


There is a stigma surrounding those brave souls who chose to study communications, and it needs to end. To some, majoring in communications is a joke, it’s something you take when you want to be a housewife or you’re lucky enough to be a trust fund kid. It’s taken with no respect. To the rest of us, it’s actually something magical. We are learning how to tell stories, how to inform the masses, how to make people laugh and cry; how to make people feel something. If that doesn’t fascinate you, stick around.

Communication is the basis of the human race. From the drawings left by the cave men, to a twitter update, humans want to tell each other things. I’m not saying that the cavemen were telling everyone what Starbucks drink they got but you catch the drift. We spend time with friends sharing stories, laughing at jokes, and talking about what matters to us.

In school, communication majors spread an array of topics focusing in where our talents lie. Some are writers, who use syntax to tell the stories, while others use visual images to showcase what they want to say.  But we are all driven to tell stories, and that drive is what motivates the stigma.

We’re annoying. We carry cameras, recorders, and notebooks. We speak using terms like InDesign and ENPS, and we are always strung out on coffee. We’re constantly asking questions, and always want to ask a follow up. We thirst for knowledge; we always want to know more. We read a lot and always watch the commercials looking for new ideas. We’re innovative, editing pictures and videos to tell the story we want. We play jump rope with the truth, either abiding by it completely, or erasing the margins to prove a point. We criticize everything and everyone including ourselves, because even the best isn’t always perfect. We spend hours photo-shopping a picture, analyzing syntax in a article, or editing a video. From the outside communications majors appear to be absolutely crazy, but from the inside, you can never find a more passionate group of people.

A communications degree is not something to be taken lightly, because it shows that a university has deemed you qualified to tell the stories that matter, to tell the stories that can make a difference. I am sending a warning out to everyone right now. Communications majors are people who deserve the highest level of respect, because we may not curing cancer, or creating laws, but we are the people that will make sure that everyone knows about them. We find the people in a small town in Iowa who are raising money for a child with a terminal illness, we see the children of war and want everyone else to see them too.

The storytellers are the ones who seek out the greatness in others and want to scream their information from the rooftops. They see something that is usually overlooked, or forgotten, or hated, and see the beauty. And if you don’t feel up to the challenge, then find a new major, because we’re going to be changing the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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