10 Signs That Your Roommate Is An Awful Human Being

Flickr / Dan Century
Flickr / Dan Century

We all have horror stories when it comes to our roommates. And sometimes even the best of friendships can turn sour after moving in together. Chances are if your roommate is constantly being inconsiderate and shows little signs of respect for you, you should definitely rethink your living arrangement.

Check out these actions that reveal if your roommate is actually an awful human being:

1. They eat your food without asking.

Ask anyone—especially when you’re in college, food is sacred. You’re already broke from having to pay for books, clothes, and other necessities. If your roommate eats your precious Mellow Mushroom pizza one night after coming home drunk that pretty much demonstrates their lack of decency as a fellow student.

2. They play their loud music at random times in the morning or night.

As most students are nocturnal I understand the necessity of needing good music to stay awake or entertained during the night. But if your roommate cranks their Katy Perry at 1:00 AM when they know you’re sleeping odds are they have no consideration for anyone but themselves. Ever heard of headphones??

3. They never clean up after themselves.

How hard it is to simply wash the dishes you use or wipe down the counter? If you have a kitchen, odds are you’ve come home at some point to find grimy two-day-old dishes still sitting in the sink. And don’t listen to your roommate when they tell you they’re “soaking.” They’re just buying time until you cave and wash the dishes that are nearly crawling with maggots. (Yes, that happened to me once.)

4. They constantly ask you for rides/favors.

Hey, gas isn’t cheap. If your roommate is constantly asking you for rides to run errands or to campus, it’s a pretty safe bet they’re a moocher. There is no shame in taking the bus; thousands of people do it every day. And if they offer to pay for gas but never do, they are totally taking advantage of you.

5.Their loud sexual escapades keep you up at night.

I’m all for letting loose and having a fun night. But if your roommate is always bringing partners home and not ever bothering to try and keep the noise level down (yikes), it reveals their lack of decency.

6. They never pay their portion of the bills on time.

It is so important to pay your bills on time, I feel like this common sense has somewhat eluded a majority of our generation. If the rent and utilities are set up under your name and you have taken on the responsibility of making sure everyone gets their portion to you, you need a roommate that can always pay their share on time. Late fees suck and it’s your credit that will be ruined.

7. They borrow your things and never return them.

If you have to ask more than once for that green top you let them borrow, you’re probably not getting it back anytime soon or ever. Or if they return your belongings broken, stained, or worn out and don’t offer to replace them, it’s a safe bet they have no respect for your property.

8. They throw parties and get-togethers without giving you a heads-up.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home from a long day at work to find more than 15 people camped out in my living room. Not to mention having a big exam to study for and your roommate decided to throw the party of the year. When you share a house/apartment, giving your roommate a heads-up about throwing big parties is considered being thoughtful of their schedule.

9. They leave you passive-aggressive notes or texts.

Seriously?? If you have a problem, please be an adult and speak face-to-face. Leaving passive-aggressive notes on the fridge or sending childish text messages is no way to deal with a situation. Otherwise you’ll probably never resolve the problem if you can’t own up and act maturely when faced with confrontation.

10. They talk about you behind your back to your other roommates.

Again, if you have a problem, address it head-on with the roommate you have an issue with. More often than not, what you’re saying about your roommate will get back to them one way or another and eventually it will create a toxic living space. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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