If You’re Not Going To Fight For Her You’re Going To Lose Her

If You're Not Going To Fight For Her You're Going To Lose Her
Marcelo Matarazzo

Now more than ever is the time that you need to fight for her, to show her that there’s nothing that you need more in your life other than her. This is the time when your actions become the true reflection of the love you have for her. Right now, she’s hurt and in pain. At this very moment, all she sees are eyes filled with tears while feeling the heaviness of her heart.

She doesn’t want to put an end to the love story, but she very well understands that if she has to then she will. This isn’t about her giving up on the relationship, this is about her sacrificing her hopes of spending a lifetime with you if it means you’ll be happy and less torn up inside. She’s not trying to be the bigger person out of show and she’s certainly not trying to move on out of will.

She’s hurt and confused, but if you can’t step up to the plate then she’ll have to do it for the both of you.

She knew from the start of the relationship that it wouldn’t be easy. She foresaw the pebbles and stones along the way and somehow, she decided to continue the relationship because of how much she believed in the love that you both would create and sustain together.

This isn’t to say that she blinded herself of the love she has for you – this is to say that she chose to love you even with the difficulties up ahead.

Deep inside her heart, she also hoped that you would also be there fighting your way through the challenges together. This is the time when you have to show her that you mean it when you tell her that you love her and that you want her in your life. This isn’t the time to be all talk because she needs reassurance. Uncertainty has clouded her mind and heartbreak is all that she feels inside her heart right now. It keeps her up at night, but every single day that she has to wipe away the tears from her own eyes, her hopes of seeing the relationship will work out diminishes.

She doesn’t want to want to see you off, but if you’re not willing to fight for her as much as she is for you then she will turn the other way. She was born with a loving heart that will never have you questioning if you’re a priority in her life. You also know that she is equipped with a fierce fighting spirit which she’s willing to tap into if you want to reach the destination with her.

It’s not that she wants to see a life without you in it, but if you refuse to hold her hand and show her that you’re in this together then there’s not much else she can do than to hold her own hand. She’s holding all the love that she wants to share with you in the palm of her hands, but she doesn’t mind if she has to keep it to herself. She reminds you of everything happy, beautiful, smart, and kind, but now is the time for you to fight for the woman that makes you feel whole again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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