5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Date A Fuckboy

You’re reading it right, and I meant every single word of it: Date a fuckboy. I get it, the advice I’m giving you is the complete opposite of what our generation wants to do. The Singles Club is infected with a load of fuckboys who flee as soon as they pick up a scent of commitment travelling through the air. They’re the ones we despise for ghosting on us or for ‘breadcrumbing’.

Fuckboys are the ones who have a built-in sensor that can detect when you’re about to set them free, if you’re lonely, and mostly, when you’re ready to mingle. We can smell their foul intentions from a mile away and yet we still pretty much want them in our beds and for that split second, have them to ourselves. We all know what’ll happen after we wake up next to a fuckboy or right after he sends us a heart emoji – he’ll disappear. If you’re lucky, he’ll disappear for maybe 1-3 days, but if luck isn’t on your side then he’ll be back in a few weeks or months. You’re probably thinking that you don’t need a fuckboy to add to the drama in your life, but maybe their rotten behavior is good enough of a reason to date them once or maybe even twice in your life.

1. Dating A Fuckboy Will Make You Wiser At Dating.

You had a glimpse of what a ghosting asshole looks like and how they speak. You picked up on their body language, their gestures, and boy do fuckboys know how to make you swoon. They made you feel like you were a part of their world until Aladdin decided to drop his Jasmine off from his magic carpet ride. Rip a page from this book and don’t be easily flattered by sweet talk and compliments.

2. Dating A Fuckboy Will Help You Narrow Down What You Want In A Relationship.

It could be that you weren’t sure if you’re completely ready to be in committed relationship before your hook caught on a fuckboy. It may also be that you didn’t have a type – or you did – but you’re not sure. Somehow you fell for a guy who has no physical attributes to your liking, but he nailed down that sweet smile and alluring glare. But he ghosted. Learn your lesson, don’t repeat it, and treat yourself kindly by being in a respectful relationship with a real man.

3. Dating A Fuckboy Will Give You Hope In Finding Real Love.

It’s not that much different than other aspects in life in that you find hope and hold onto it during times of trouble. Encountering one fuckboy at a time on numerous times is tiring for your soul, but may that help you hold on to the hope that real love must be out there and that your ideal partner wants a real relationship as much as you.

4. Dating A Fuckboy Will Teach You Sincerity.

He may have viewed love as a game hence why he left traces of breadcrumbs that led to a dead end. He deceived you well enough that you thought you were going to be exclusive with him. He told you nice things only to disappear and leave you scratching your head. It’s never a good feeling to be lied to and abandoned, therefore, be honest and genuine not only with your words, but with your actions.

5. Dating A Fuckboy Will Make You A Better Person.

Sure you may have turned into a cynic for the first few weeks after he ghosted or gave you false hopes of ever being his. Being duped and made to look like a fool can get anyone down, but not you. Your encounter with a fuckboy has helped you to become a better person because you understand why you shouldn’t give false hopes or consciously lie when feelings and emotions are at stake. Being ghosted by him has rather made you appreciate yourself a lot more because fuckboy or not, you will always be an incredible individual with so much love to give. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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