She’s Not Clingy, She Just Loves You

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Carly Rae Hobbins

Perhaps by now you know just how attached she can be as your partner. Yes, she’s the girlfriend who wraps herself around you from behind and whispers “please stay” in your ear each time you’re leaving. Every goddamn time! She’s also the type of girlfriend that friends warn to cut the act before she ends up losing you. After all, we’ve all been told that guys don’t like clingy girls, and the clingier you are, the more inclined guys are to leave you.

Thing is though, she thinks that we’ve all been wrongly taught about clinginess and what being “clingy” actually means. She’s not sorry that she’s the clingy girlfriend type and you know that. She is the way she is around you because she loves you.

When she says she loves you, she means she loves you a lot, and she loves you far and wide.

You may think she’s insane for thinking she wants someone this much, but she’s not. She has tested the waters, she has travelled the journey, and she’s concluded that real love doesn’t come so easily. This is why she holds you so dearly in her heart and even tighter in her soul. For once, she’s unafraid to admit that she misses you. She has cut off the anchor that once held her back from letting you know that she’s scared you will one day walk out of her life. You wanted to enter the door and look inside. She would like to apologize if what you found was a room bleeding with love.

When she loves, it’s strong, deep, and heart-wrenching.

She’s not clingy, she just loves too much and too hard.

When she is in love, her heart feels like it has expanded to the size of a football field and she finds it hard to catch her breath. For her, loving you is like being shot up into space and free falling into your arms. Having you as her love is both exhilarating and scary all at the same time. She is both terrified of losing you and so at peace knowing that you are a part of her life. She knows that good things don’t last forever and sure you can blame it on her pessimistic nature, but this time, she doesn’t want the other shoe to drop. But because she knows it can, she simply wants to hold onto you a little tighter, a little stronger, a little more, every day and every single night.

Hey, she’s not clingy, she really just loves you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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