5 Things You Learn When You Finally Fall For The Right Kind Of Guy


Just as you were becoming acquainted with the idea of living a life prided in freedom, independence, and happiness [without men], out of nowhere you come across a stranger who would go on and later become your boyfriend.

Just as you were ready to swear off men for the rest of your 20s, he entered your life and helped you see the world in a new pair of glasses.

Least to say, he’s given you new eyes that’s helped you to change 5 core perspectives about love.

1. You Deserve Love.

You’ve been at it with him for several weeks or even months and by now, you finally understood when your best friend told you that you deserve love (we all do). This time, it’s none of that unrequited love shenanigan that every millennial somehow finds themselves caught up in. No, this is the real deal. Pure and passionate love. The type of love that makes you glow and strips you down of your fears and insecurities.

2. Relationships Aren’t A Pain.

You thought you figured it out.. this whole love, dating, and relationship saga. But you haven’t. Investing your heart and time with the right person has opened yourself up in unimaginable ways. Nowadays, you no longer see the need to put your pride above all else because you love him. Yes, you get it now: relationships take effort, but it certainly isn’t painful to maintain.

3. Fighting for The Right Person is Actually Okay.

It’s taken you awhile to find your man which truly makes the journey with him more heartfelt and meaningful. You long hoped to find someone who’s kind-hearted, intelligent, open-minded, and caring, but for every frog you kissed and chased after, the thought of fighting for someone seemed worthless. But now that you have your babe in your life, he’s made you realize that the root problem is that you’ve simply been kissing and chasing after the wrong frogs.

4. Commitment Isn’t a Burden.

From the first day your path crossed with your babe, he’s shown you that men who are pro-commitment are still out there. He put in the effort in the beginning of the relationship and he continues to do so today. He’s successfully tweaked the part of your brain that once thought commitment was a drag and instead, he’s shown you that loyalty is all you’ve ever needed this whole time.

5. Two Is Better than One.

It doesn’t get truer than this, but relationships don’t have to be a shit show! Hard as it may be for you to say this (and admit to it), but being with someone other than yourself has actually been good for you. Being with your babe has brought you the normalcy and stability that has prevented you from becoming your normal nutcase self. The best part of being in a relationship with your babe is that he’s brought an incredible amount of laughter into your life! He’s also shown you that working on yourself doesn’t mean you’re changing who you are; you’re simply evolving into the person that you’re meant to become. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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