Please Don’t Take Her Love For Granted

Fabian Blank

Don’t take her for granted just because you know she loves you. Love that isn’t nurtured will dissipate and that’s when you’ll lose her.

Don’t take her for granted only because you’re scared of commitment. You very well know that dating is a two-way street and stringing her along because you’re not a commitment goer is unfair to her.

Don’t take her for granted because she wants you too much because there’s no such thing. She wears her heart on her sleeve and you shouldn’t punish her for it.

Don’t take her for granted because time can change feelings. We’ve all been in a situation where we look at our exes and think of how we once loved them. The main lesson of any relationship – official or unofficial – is that people can walk away. Without adequate care and attention, the urge to turn their back is even greater and that’s something you know deep down to be true.

Don’t take her for granted simply because you believe that there are plenty of other fishes in the sea. Maybe you don’t see it now, but in time reality will hit you then you’ll realize that loneliness slowly morphs into a cold, invisible figure whose hands you don’t want to be wrapped around.

Don’t take her for granted because you think you’ll find another her. She’s a rare gem and she knows that, but she won’t force you to see her sparkle.

Don’t take her for granted because you’re looking for more and better. Sometimes it’s hard for us to truly understand that by constantly being on the lookout for something great, we tend to not see that we already have the best right in front of our eyes.

Don’t take her for granted because you think she’ll always stick around. Maybe right now she’ll stay because she deeply loves you, but when she starts to prioritize herself over a lackluster relationship, she won’t be afraid to shut and lock the door which you once entered.

Don’t take her for granted because you know that she doesn’t deserve a cold shoulder. She’s found beauty in your flaws yet she’s decided to love an imperfect person.

She doesn’t ask for much because all she really wants is to be treated like a lover, partner, and best friend. She wants to feel safe knowing that your arms are her safe place for being raw and honest with her feelings. It’s seldom to bump into someone as wonderful as her especially in today’s dating scene so don’t let her get away. Loyalty is an underestimated quality that is often taken for granted, but don’t do it.

Don’t take her for granted because she wants to make it work with you. She’s made the decision to stick by your side and she’s diving head first. Show her that you’re investing as much into the relationship as she is and make it known that she is the one you love today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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