It’s Okay To Admit You’re Afraid To Lose Him

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The beauty of love is that it exposes us to a whole world full of emotions and it offers us a chance to shoot down the guards surrounding our heart. Love can be an intense roller-coaster ride that isn’t for everyone. Love is beautiful and you know full well of its magic.

But love can also be scary.

When you give a piece of your heart to someone, you fully comprehend that they cannot guarantee happy moments and smooth sailing all the time. You understand that there will be days or moments when your partner causes you pain even though it’s not on purpose. In spite of what you are exposing your heart to, you also know that it isn’t any easier for your partner because they, too, are entering a world surrounded by the same conditions.

In a sense, good love is one that allows both individuals to care and be affectionate with one another regardless of their drawbacks or flaws. It is through this sincere acceptance that one falls in love and it is in that moment that one also realizes how scary it will be if ever your partner walks away.

Maybe it was because of a fight. Spiteful words that perhaps you did not mean to say were said and it caused a ripple effect down your partner’s heart. Although you didn’t mean it, they stayed silent and asked for space. That’s when you begin to panic because it hits you that they may not come back.

It’s alright to not remember what life was like before they came into the picture. In fact, it’s perfectly normal.

That’s what happens when you decide to share your life with them and it wasn’t that you lost yourself while being with them – it was that they made your life far more enjoyable that it made you live in the moment for once.

You shouldn’t have to feel bad about developing a sense of fear that your significant other may not stick around long enough for you to build an entire life with them. If you think about it, it’s rather sweet because it reflects just how much you deeply care about your partner and what they mean to you.

Love is meant to encourage us to open up and accept without a doubt that vulnerability doesn’t necessarily symbolize the end of the world. Being a first-hand witness to what makes your partner so incredibly annoying, but enjoyable to be with, is exactly what made your heart swoon over them. Don’t let others convince you that the fear of losing your partner labels you as a weak person. You can be both strong and caring at the same time, and there’s no shame in that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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