5 Reasons To Open Yourself Up To Love Again


1. Love is beautifully terrifying.

There’s something wonderful and unnerving about falling in love that makes it so addictive. While you may not necessarily be the one to face scary situations head on, maybe you should give it a chance nonetheless. Trying something new will always be scary in the beginning, but we also have to remember that the most memorable moments in our life are those that we had to fight for and try hard in attaining.

2. You actually want to be with them.

They’re your definition of perfect imperfection and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes in life we get lucky and we find that one special person who can see past our tough exterior which they understand comes from a place filled with heartbreak, sorrow, and let-downs. They know that you’re psychotic, neurotic, jealous, and peculiar, but they haven’t loved you any less even after they’ve seen your true colors. They took a chance on you despite knowing you’re a ticking time bomb that is constantly trying to push them away. But you stayed with them because you listened to your heart when it said that they’re your home.

3. A life filled with love is always a good life.

I’m of the mind that if heartbreaks didn’t exist and that love always guaranteed sweet memories then perhaps we would all choose to be in love. But those are not what makes love so worthwhile or meaningful. Love is a gamble because you put your heart out on the table while hoping that the other person wants you to annoy them every single day of their life. When they’re caressing your hair while watching a movie or comforting you after a hard day at work; those are moments that adds extra sunshine to your day because you know that they’re constantly there for you and damn it feels nice!

4. They’re waiting for you.

You knew from the moment that they remained with you after the first big disagreement was the day that they want you in their life. You also knew that you found a partner in life who you can spend the whole entire day with and not feel the slightest bit annoyed. They have your back no matter how strong the gust of wind is and wherever they are, that is your safe place. They love you, but they’re also waiting for you to realize that. Just as they have made the decision to include you in their life, they’re waiting for you to do the same.

5. You are already in love.

All those sleepless nights wondering why your heart felt so light and happy are starting to make sense. It wasn’t insomnia and it surely wasn’t pressure from work getting the best of you. No. It was because you loved them and the thought of potentially losing them from your life feels like a bad dream. You no longer care about what you talk about with them because they’re your best friend and also the one that you love. You only needed to be sure of your feelings, but you’re certain now; you’re in love so you tell yourself “one more time.” And so you did, you gave love another chance and it brought you to them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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