Thank You, Fuckboys


You never signed up for this. You never signed up for a fuckboy. I mean who would?

Maybe you’ve contemplated on numerous occasions how you ended up with a fuckboy or maybe you simply cursed the universe for placing you in this predicament.

Whatever it is, you’re temporarily stuck with a fuckboy.

So what should you do?

Be grateful you met him at all. Thank the fuckboy that’s been the source of the confusion and frustration that’s taken control of your love life.

Thank the fuckboy in your life because his commitment phobia will be the reason you’ll finally understand why loyalty matters so much to you.

Thank him because his uncertainty whether to be exclusively yours will be remembered as nothing but a blurred past when you meet Mr. Right.

Thank the fuckboy because he has given you the opportunity to explore the reasons as to why you want a lasting relationship.

Thank him because he tells you that you are beautiful, but whether he sincerely means it is a different story, but you don’t care because he’s right. You are a beauty!

Thank the fuckboy for all those nights you spent having sex with him since it allowed you the chance to learn about your body and to bring out the sexual goddess in you.

Thank him for being your friend or acquaintance even though he’s just that, a fuckboy.

Thank him because the time you spent with him has only reassured you that there is more to love than being with a fuckboy. After all, nothing lasts forever so eventually your unlucky streak with fuckboys will end too.

Thank him because he has given you a better reason to hold on to the notion that you deserve better – you only needed time to realize it.

Thank him because he will be the reason that you value commitments and long-term relationships particularly because being with a fuckboy is a constant reminder of the brutality of today’s dating world. And you know what? You’re done with this war.

Thank the fuckboy in your life for inspiring you to say “Never again. No more fuckboys!” because being with an uncertain soul is tiring and you don’t have the patience or energy to keep playing games.

Thank him because he made you realize that love and dating aren’t meant to be a game of strategy; it’s supposed to be natural and easy.

Thank the fuckboy in your life because he will be the reason you’ll push your fear of commitment aside and take that much needed leap to find real love.

Thank the fuckboy in your life and thank him with sincerity because surprisingly, he helped realize that perhaps you are ready for a committed relationship this time around.

In an odd way, thank you, fuckboys. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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