Why Complicated Girls Are Actually The Most Magical To Be Around

Rowan Chestnut
Rowan Chestnut

You won’t find her in a room full of people out of choice, but you can certainly find her in an isolated area. She isn’t shy or introverted, she’s just being her. It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by people, it’s that she experiences it enough for most of the day. She’s trying to discover the sweet spot between having a social life and nurturing her comfort zone.

She’s like a bowl of spices – colorful and lively. Her personality may be too much for some but there are those who enjoy being in her presence. There are many sides to her and somehow she has found a way to juggle each one of her personality. She’s aware that her personality may not be for all and she certainly doesn’t put too much thought on whether someone likes her or not.

Often she comes across as intimidating when reality is that she’s opinionated, well-informed, and intelligent. While she may not necessarily be flipping through pages of a book at the coffees shop, you will likely find her enjoying a meal with her friends. Her loud laughter and quiet murmurs are enough to convince you that she’s just like the rest. But she’s not.

She has aspirations and a vision of where she would one day like to be. She has numerous opinions about political issues and she constantly envisions the day when her generation stands at the frontier of progressive change. You frequently come across individuals who share their dreams, but she acts on realizing them.

She’s not the type to sit around, she’s the one actively seeking for a door to open; if the door won’t open then she’ll surely be the one to knock it down.

Her mighty strength keeps you guessing because you’re never certain whether to offer help or let her be. It takes more than one man to run an island yet when you look at her work ethic, you’re confident that she’s the exception to that famous saying. She sources her strength from her tired yet determined heart; her enthusiasm from a belief that dead ends don’t exist; her will is propelled by her understanding that regrets don’t exist because she’s given it her best.

She leaves you wanting to stand back and witness first-hand the characteristics that make up a true woman.

There is always a level of uncertainty when you’re her partner because she’ll keep you at the tip of your toes. She’s not one to point out your problems, but she does expect you to remain aware of your actions no matter how big or small they are; you’re an adult and she’s made it clear that she isn’t there to coddle you. To you, it may seem like a shortage of affection and thoughtfulness, but to her it’s a defense mechanism. Many before you have fooled her hence leaving her tired and disappointed. You can try to knock on that door or bulldoze her walls, but she will remind you that trust must be earned. She wants you to keep trying because she doesn’t want you to be the next person who abandons her.

Of all the things that you can describe about her is that she isn’t easy. She isn’t meant to be defined given that she is an ever-changing soul in this universe. However, she is meant to be respected, understood, appreciated, and cherished – simply because you won’t find another her. For every day that you get to be in her presence, you are the lucky one. She never needed to remind you of that because you’ve known it all along.

Yes, she is everything messy, complicated, and difficult, but she is also everything you need in your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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