What It Means To Fall For A Man Who Doesn’t Know How To Love

Craig Dennis
Craig Dennis

The feeling of confusion that keeps coming back every night, well it won’t go away soon.

The constant back and forth wondering if he loves you will continue.

The uncertainty on whether he’s being honest when he says “I do love you” won’t make the days or nights easier.

The thought of him possibly disappearing from your life will hold your heart hostage during the quiet nights.

There will be nights when even though you’re sleeping next to him, you will feel lonelier than being in bed by yourself.

The wave of second-guessing thoughts will inch closer towards you; do you really see yourself spending the rest of your life with him?

Every word he says will be analyzed in detail by you and sooner than you think, you will tire yourself out from it.

For every action he takes, there is a reaction and it won’t be long until he gets worn out from you interrogating him.

All you wanted was certainty in the relationship, but he’s unable to give that to you.

He doesn’t know how to love, but won’t admit to it.

He’s a man with an unattainable heart and your soul deserves better.

Your fear of being lonely hasn’t benefitted you, it has only led you to him – a man who doesn’t know how to love.

This is not to say he’s a bad or cruel person. This is to say that a heart chock-full of love, warmth, and passion like yours is deserving of a man who can give the same in return.

That man won’t come from the one who doesn’t know how to love.

Hard as you try to show him how to love, your efforts are unlikely to bear fruit. You tried hard, but you can’t force down a book on “How to Love” down anyone’s throat especially not at the throat of the man who can’t admit he doesn’t know how to love.

Your everyday struggles coping with his lack of emotions will only accumulate to mental and spiritual exhaustion because he will drag you down to an abyss.

Save yourself before he puts you in that situation by leaving the man who doesn’t know how to love.

And when you do, don’t ever look back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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