13 Things That Happen When You Date A Girl Who Bakes

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1. Your taste buds will taste things you never imagined possible.

2. You’re amazed at how happy she is. There’s something about baking–it’s a happy hobby. She might be covered in flour, but there’s always a smile on her face.

3. You don’t actually gain weight. The first time you tasted her cupcakes you thought if you stayed together you’d eat a million of those chocolatey dream puffs, but she cares about you and she’s researched how to make healthier versions of her recipes so that you can indulge.

4. There’s always excitement to be had in your relationship. She’s curious enough to try new recipes all the time–new combinations of flavors–that translates into other areas of life as well. She’s up for trying new restaurants, exploring parks in your city, and ahem, new combinations in the bedroom.

5. You’ll be impressed by her selflessness. The majority of the the treats she slaves over go right out the door–their gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. She works hard over her creations because she knows they brighten the day of others.

6. She will truly care about making you happy–and not just with food. It could be a sweet note in your lunch (that she takes care to pack for you) or the fact that she keeps her fridge stocked with your favorite beer. She is someone who takes pleasure in your happiness.


7. You will think about what a great mom she’ll make, eventually. Not because she keeps your taste buds happy, but because she doesn’t substitute fast and easy for quality. She knows that while baking a cake may take longer and be more difficult than buying one in the store, there is value in that work and the end product is well worth it.

8. You won’t even remember what the mythical sensation “hunger” feels like but you hear people talking about it all the time.

9. She has the perfect solution whenever you’re stressed out–kneading bread. Something about slowly massaging the dough into flour is so therapeutic. And–you get to eat soft, delicious, home made bread afterwards.

10. You’ve learned not to wear black in her kitchen. Even if it’s freshly cleaned there is still somehow flour everywhere and you never notice it until you see it dusted on your clothing.

11. You find yourself browsing Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. Now that you know this whole wide world of food and flavors exist, you can’t help but look at photos of stuff you might want to try… and forwarding her the recipes.

12. You’ll find she loves celebrating little moments and making the best out of life. Food brings people together. It marks celebrations like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also smaller occasions like birthdays and private anniversary celebrations. She makes every meal feel like an event and every day together something worthy of celebration.

13. Whenever your friends come over and taste your girl’s latest creation, you’re flooded with pride as your friends congratulate you on landing such a great catch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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