23 Little Ways Men And Women Can Be Better To Each Other

I believe in chivalry, but I don’t believe that it only goes in one direction. I think that we can all be nicer, all do little things to make life better (and dating better) for one another. I believe in romance! Here are little things men and women can do to make life better for everyone:

1. Holding the door for each other.

2. Understanding that everyone deals with their body issues, and that men have a lot of pressure to look a certain way in the media, too. (And so do thin women, while we’re at it. Body image problems are not unique.)

3. Paying for dinner when you have money, and letting someone pay for it when they don’t. Taking turns with the expectation of who has to “foot the bill” when you go out.

4. Complimenting each other, and learning how to take a compliment, whether it’s about your outfit that looks nice or something good you did.

5. Making the first move if you want to. (Girls initiating the first kiss is very sexy!)

6. Asking what’s wrong at the end of the day, and really listening when they answer to you.

7. Taking turns cooking for each other. I cook for my husband 99 percent of the time because he’s bad at it and I love doing it, but every time he can, he makes me breakfast in bed with french toast, eggs, and bacon.

8. Sharing umbrellas.

9. Taking each other to do things that the other one likes, and not just always getting dragged to the mall or a romantic movie or whatever she wants to do.

10. Giving each other’s hobbies a try. I am now a die-hard Longhorns fan because of my husband, and I am more serious about the games than he is!

11. Not making fun of the things the other person does with their time. Any time I see a boyfriend teasing his girlfriend because she puts on makeup, or takes too long to get ready, instead of appreciating the fact that she’s trying to look nice, I get so angry I want to scream.

12. Impressing each other’s families.

13. Impressing each other’s friends (which are kind of like family!). Showing that you care about their opinion.

14. Walking each other to their door.

15. Being understanding when the other one is having a bad day, and not blaming it on them being a “stupid man” or “having PMS.” We should be having more respect for each other than that.

16. Not talking smack about them to your friends in private. Bad-mouthing your partner is not okay.

17. Surprising them.

18. Noticing when they get a haircut, or are wearing something new. (And this doesn’t just go for men, because all the time a guy will try to impress his girl by wearing a new shirt or styling his hair a little better and the woman won’t notice either, even though she wanted him to do it.)

19. Fixing things for each other. Changing a lightbulb, bandaging a cut, or getting a pickle jar open are all little ways to make someone feel loved.

20. Being affectionate with them in public.

21. Both being ready to bring something to the equation. It’s not only the man’s or woman’s responsibility to earn money, and it’s not only the man’s or woman’s responsibility to care for the house and the children.

22. Remembering special days.

23. Expecting chivalry from your partner, and remembering that you can give it to. We all want our men to be gentlemen, but in order to get that, we need to be ladies. We all need to grow up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – The Notebook

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