The Show You Absolutely Need To Stream Right Now, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Not sure what to binge right now? Look for your zodiac sign below to find a show tailored to your personality.

Aries: The Sex Lives Of College Girls

The Sex Lives of College Girls is fun, dramatic, and spicy—just like you! It follows four roommates who are working hard to discover who they are during their first year at an exclusive university, and while there are plenty of (hilariously) awkward moments along the way, there’s also a lot of heart. Definitely worth giving a try if you’re in the mood to laugh and fall in love with fictional characters who are just as passionate and messy as you can be. Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls on Max.

Taurus: Life & Beth

Life & Beth is both viciously funny and achingly relatable—a pretty good balance for you, Taurus. Amy Schumer’s humor is at its best here, contrasting perfectly with the quiet, devastating moments of grief and heartbreak. While you may not be the kind of person who talks about their trauma openly with everyone, you do know how it can shape the person you are all too well, making this little show relatable in a way that might actually feel therapeutic for you. Watch Life & Beth on Hulu.

Gemini: The Afterparty

The Afterparty is a little bit of everything, just like you tend to be, well, just a little bit of everything. It’s a comedy, it’s a mystery, it’s a thriller, it’s a… musical? Literally everything! But above all, this show is fun, and it’ll likely hold your attention long enough that you might binge the whole thing in one go. Watch The Afterparty on Apple TV+.

Cancer: Heartstopper

You are such a soft, sensitive soul, Cancer, which is why Heartstopper is exactly what you need to watch right now. This show highlights some of the most beautiful things in life—love, friendship, acceptance, understanding, diversity—without shying away from the more painful aspects, such as trauma and prejudice. This show often feels like a warm hug, a cup of tea with a friend, a love letter from the one who holds your heart—so if your brain has sorely needed some serotonin, put this on your watch list ASAP. Watch Heartstopper on Netflix.

Leo: Minx

You’re a bold soul, Leo, which is why Minx is exactly the show you should be watching right now. Minx is all about finding your voice, standing up to anyone who tries to make you small, and fully embodying the bad bitch you know you can be—and also, it’s sexy as hell. This show is a great reminder to follow your passions and to never back down from the good fight—two very important lessons you should always, always remember. Watch Minx on Prime Video.

Virgo: Pachinko

Pachinko is both a history lesson and a love letter to anyone who has ever been oppressed, villainized, or outcasted. The storyline follows several generations of a Korean family during the Japanese occupation of Korea all the way up to the current day, often highlighting the way Koreans were mistreated in both big and small ways and the way that trauma was passed down from one descendent to the next. It doesn’t shy away from the painful and sometimes terrifying reality of what Koreans experienced, and you’ll appreciate the shows ability to pull at your heartstrings and change your overall perspective of history. Watch Pachinko on Apple TV+.

Libra: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary is sweet, wholesome, and hilarious—but it also doesn’t shy away from the sometimes painful reality of life in America, much like you. The show follows the often overworked (but always passionate) staff at a low-income elementary school in Philadelphia, balancing their zany antics with their passion for their jobs and their resolution to give their students everything they deserve, even when there are very little resources at their disposal. You’ll laugh along with the characters while also smarting at the injustices they face—which is why you’ll absolutely love it. Watch Abbot Elementary on Hulu and Max.

Scorpio: The Girl From Plainville

You have a tendency to be misunderstood, Scorpio, which is probably while you’ll love The Girl from Plainville, which fictionalizes the real-life case of Michelle Carter, the teenager who encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide in 2015. The show follows Michelle’s life closely, starting months before her boyfriend’s death and leading into the court case that put her in the country’s spotlight. If you’re into unlikeable characters and true crime, this is the show for you. Watch The Girl from Plainville on Hulu.

Sagittarius: Our Flag Means Death

Here’s the thing about Our Flag Means Death: It’s just so fun. This show is a very loose adaptation the true events surrounding some of the most notorious pirates in history, focusing more on the absurdities in their stories than anything else. Not only is it hilarious (seriously, prepare to laugh out loud), but it also has plenty of heart—there’s so much emphasis on camaraderie, connection, and finding love when you least expect it (and sometimes with whom you least expect it). All I’m saying is: Please binge this show immediately. Watch Our Flag Means Death on Max.

Capricorn: Severance

Severance is cool, sleek, and mind-blowing—all aspects you’ll appreciate, Capricorn. You’ll probably spend the first few episodes wondering what the hell is happening, but in the way where you feel like you need to keep watching because it’s just so compelling. It’s a little bit of mystery, a little bit of trauma plot, and a whole lot of thriller. Definitely check it out if you miss feeling totally engrossed in a TV show! Watch Severance on Apple TV+.

Aquarius: Ghosts

This show is quirky, funny, and overall pretty feel-good—all things you can appreciate, Aquarius! This sitcom follows a woman who inherits a haunted house and, after she moves in, has a near-death experience that allows her to see and communicate with the ghosts of the house. It’s a cute, easy watch that doesn’t shy away from the reality of death and loss, and it will make you appreciate the beauty of a well-made sitcom. Watch Ghosts on Paramount+.

Pisces: Bridgerton

You’re a proper romantic, which is why Bridgerton is the perfect fit for you. You have a tendency to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, which works well, since everything is just a little bit more beautiful in the Bridgerton world—not to mention it’s all just so aesthetically pleasing to watch! You’ll probably fall in love with half the characters (as you’re wont to do) and obsess over both seasons for weeks. Watch Bridgerton on Netflix.

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