This Woman Called Out Her Twin Sister’s Cheating Ex In A Hilariously Savage Instagram Post

Twin sisters Patty and Amy posing together cutely
Instagram / @pattydavis_

If you’ve ever had a friend who’s been cheated on, then you know the intense amount of rage that comes along with it. Your friend may feel hurt, betrayed, or even guilty, but not you — you, my friend, are out for revenge. They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but the saying should really be “Hell hath no fury like a woman who’s out to destroy her best friend’s cheating ex.”

In this case, the woman’s BFF just so happens to also be her twin. When Instagram user Patty Davis‘s sister, Amy, was cheated on, she decided to take action by publicly shaming the man who was stupid enough to make such a rookie mistake. And what better place than Instagram?

Davis wrote:

Sorry this pic is so blurry i had to zoom in really far to crop out amy’s cheating ex boyfriend #gobulldogs

Okay I’m sorry but that has to be the most fire caption I’ve ever read. Let’s just say that people were 100% impressed, and obviously with good reason.

Instagram / @pattydavis_

Um, Patty, can you please be my friend? I have some fuckboys who need to be exposed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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