This Student Learned He Failed His Midterm From A Viral Tweet And His Response Is Hilarious

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When I’m on a flight, I have this terrible habit where I’m suddenly enthralled by everything everyone else is doing around me. Maybe it’s because we’re all in such close quarters (economy class what uppppp) or because I literally have no idea how to entertain myself for the hours we’re in the air, but no matter what it is, the truth is this: if you’re sitting anywhere near me on a plane, I WILL know what you’re doing.

But luckily, it looks as if I’m not the only one! This guy was sitting next to a professor on his flight and happened to notice he was grading midterms for his class — and also that some people didn’t do really well. In particular, one man named Taiwan Jones.

I doubt he thought anyone would really notice his tweet, but after it went viral, it definitely caught people’s attention. Everyone wanted to #FindTaiwan.

And because this is the Internet, it found its way to Taiwan eventually.

LMAOOOO. Well, that’s one way to find out you failed your midterm.

We’re seriously obsessed with the idea that he was just casually scrolling through tweets when this one popped up.

Here, someone fixed your profile for you, Taiwan.

But even though his failure was broadcasted to thousands online, Taiwan took it all in stride — and maybe even found a new career that doesn’t have to do with a college degree.

If you don’t rap about this on your mixtape, this was all for nothing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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