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This School’s Security Camera Caught A Violent ‘Ghost’ On Tape And It’s Honestly Terrifying

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Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? I, for one, love anything paranormal — at least, as long as it has nothing to do with me.

But this school in Ireland isn’t quite so lucky. Deerpark CBS, the oldest school in southside Cork, has some weird shit going on, which you can see in this CCTV footage of one of its deserted corridors that was caught at 3 a.m.

If that door slam didn’t make you jump, you are a LIAR.

The whole thing is pretty violent, with the lockers swaying back and forth, doors slamming open, and the “wet floor” sign being aggressively kicked aside.

Deerpark CBS Headteacher Aaron Wolfe admitted to Unilad that if it was a prank, he didn’t know how it was done. He also said that that particular part of the school — which is right outside the Religion Room — is considerably colder than other parts of the building.

But this isn’t the first time something weird happened at Deerpark CBS, Wolf said:

Our caretaker has worked in the school for over 30 years he recalls many stories of ‘paranormal activity’.

For example on one occasion the school was hosting an exotic bird show, and the birds arrived the day before, because the organisers were worried that someone might break in and steal the birds, someone had to stay overnight.

That person left the school in the middle of the night – they refused to stay any longer as they said that they heard ‘the last call’ being played on a trumpet – of course this could have just been the wind?!

Others have complained that the lights flicker on and off in the building at night and that one student once heard the sounds of someone crying in the bathroom, only to find no one was there.

Honestly, the headteacher seems a little too cool while talking about it, which makes me wonder if he knows something we don’t or if he really doesn’t care that some violent spirit of the night is calling dibs on his turf.

So, what is it? An elaborate prank or a particularly violent haunting? I’m just saying that if I ever become a ghost, I’m going to be pissed if I’m forced to haunt my high school. TC mark

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