This Mom Received These Terrifying Texts From Her Daughter During The Las Vegas Shooting

Messages a child sent her mother during the Las Vegas shooting
Twitter / @ByLynhBui

There is nothing more terrifying for a parent than knowing their child is in danger. It’s no surprise that during the Las Vegas shooting this past weekend, a few people received some heart-stopping messages from their loved ones, like this mom.

Her daughter, who was at the concert when the shooter began to open-fire into the crowd, killing 59 and injuring over 500, sent frantic texts to her around 10:14 the night of the shooting. Washington Post reporter Lynh Bui, who has spent this week covering the tragedy in Las Vegas, tweeted this photo of the exchange:

The messages read:

Mom. There is a shooter. Mom. Call me. It’s an active shooter. People are dead. Mom.

The texts plainly show the fear that many of the concert-goers felt during the time of the attack and their want to reach out to their loved ones just in case they were the unlucky ones.

Hopefully this personal exchange between a parent and a child will humanize the events in Las Vegas — in our society, it’s so easy to become numb to tragedy because it seems like it’s everywhere. We can’t let ourselves forget about Las Vegas and the parents who weren’t lucky enough to hear from their kids again. TC mark

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