This Man Couldn’t Get The ATM To Work, So He Taped A Fish To It For A Truly Bizarre Reason

A fish taped to an ATM in protest
Facebook / Troy Buswell

I think every normal human being has gotten frustrated with an ATM that’s out of order. But at the end of the day, do we really do anything about it? Usually I just end up going home angry and annoyed.

But not Troy Buswell. He’s a man of action and quite possibly the most unconventional hero I’ve ever seen. When he noticed his ATM was STILL out of order, he did what any desperate person would do — he taped a fish to the machine.

The photo’s caption read:

hey COMMONWEATH bank, how about you SERVICE your FUCKING atms in BUNBURY so punters like ME will not hav to TAPE FISH to them so youll have NO CHOCE but to come and FIX THEM. i have more fish and tape and will,, power than youre intire organisation. FIX THEM NOW.

There is honestly a lot to unpack here and I don’t really know where to start. Why does he have a fish? How many more does he have?? Was this is first plan of action??? How did he even come up with this idea to begin with???? Is this a normal human thing to do????? Am I the weird one??????

But apparently Buswell’s attempt wasn’t completely in vain, because even if the ATM is still broken, he brought plenty of attention to the cause when his post went viral, garnering 24,000 likes and 9,000 shares on Facebook. You’ve got to admit, for a fish taped to an ATM, that’s pretty impressive.

People couldn’t quite decide if Buswell was a genius, a madman, or something in between, but one commenter brought up a question that could be a total game-changer:

Facebook / Troy Buswell

Maybe Buswell is onto something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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