This Couple Opened Up About Cheating On Each Other And Their Story Will Break Your Heart

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Are you ready to have your hearts ripped out? Because the Youtube company that brought us Hurt Bae (you know, the video that destroyed the Internet and our souls) is back with another heart-shattering video where two partners open up about their relationship and how cheating has affected it.

In the video, Ana and Ballesa both admit to cheating on each other and explain exactly how the situations happened. And honestly, you might want to grab some tissues because it get’s a little too real.

It starts off with Ballesa remembering a time when her she’d been Facetiming her girlfriend, who was with another woman at the time — the woman who, we soon find out, was the person her girlfriend cheated on her with.

“You introduced me to her,” Ballesa said. “Was it that same night?”

After a beat of silence, Ana nodded. “Yeah,” she admitted.

But things weren’t always so rocky between the two. They met in San Francisco, where they both went to school. Ballesa had a crush on Ana, and when she told her, Ana couldn’t believe it — but before they knew it, they were falling in love. Ana’s relationship with Ballesa was what gave her the courage to finally come out to her family.

But soon, Ballesa went to Spain. She claimed the distance made her fall more in love with Ana, but Ana’s response was a little different: “I don’t know if I want to get into the specifics or get into what happened, but I did something really unfair,” Ana admitted.

It was the first time she cheated on Ballesa.

Ana admitted she didn’t know if their relationship would last past that point, and she continued hanging out with the other woman. However, when Ballesa returned, Ana opened up about what she did. Ana wanted to fight for the relationship, but Ballesa needed time.

And that’s when Ballesa began her own affair with another woman. The next morning, she came clean to Ana, who claimed she already knew it was going to happen, though that didn’t stop her heartbreak.

But though the couple seemed to hit rock bottom, things changed — now Ballesa wanted to fix the relationship.

“In that moment I realized that it’s rare to be so truthful and so raw with your partner,” Ballesa said through tears.

And that’s when the audience finds out the most surprising part about their relationship: though Ana and Ballesa both admit to cheating, they stayed together. And they truly believed what they went through made them stronger.

“This is all worth it in the end,” Ballesa said.

While I’m never an advocate for cheating in a relationship, I also believe in forgiveness. In understanding. In second chances. Is their relationship perfect? Of course not, but whose is? If anything, they prove that we can come out of adversity stronger than before.

Now please, someone pass me the tissues. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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