Stop Being So Afraid And Just Love Me Already

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You always search for reasons we shouldn’t be together. We’re too different, you say; our lives are spiraling out in opposite directions. I talk too much and you can’t understand why I cry so often and sometimes you just don’t get me at all. You come from a separate world, you tell me. We would never work.

But that doesn’t change the fact that when we’re together, everything in the universe seems to fall into place. What doesn’t make sense on paper becomes clear the moment we’re in the same room. Say what you want, but your eyes always tell the truth: you’re in love with me the same way I’m in love with you.

So why don’t you just love me already? I’m not the girl who likes to play games. I see through all your weak excuses, all your thinly-veiled lies. You can list off all the reasons this is wrong, but it doesn’t make it any less right. Stop finding excuses to run away, stop fighting what you already know, and just love me.

Love all my little quirks you like to pretend are annoying. Love the way I open you up in ways you don’t like to do with other people. Love the way I fawn over babies and puppies and absolutely every person I meet. Love the way you know you always mean more to me, though. Just love me.

I’ll love you, too. I’ll love the way you pretend to be so cynical and how you hide your feelings behind bravado. I’ll love the way you laugh and how you smile when you think I’m not looking and how you don’t realize how funny you are. I’ll love you even when you try to make me jealous and I’ll love you even when you make me so mad I can’t look you in the eye. I’ll just love you.

And maybe we won’t last forever. Maybe we’re not soulmates and I’m not the “one” and maybe we’re destined to fail. Maybe our ending is inevitable. But love me anyway, because every moment we waste we are running out of time and I know we’ll both regret it. We are not supposed to be a “what could have been” but a “what was.” What is. What could be. We deserve the chance to find out.

So stop being so afraid and just love me already. Love me before I’m gone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Callie is a writer, editor, and publisher at Thought Catalog. Her debut book, ‘The Words We Left Behind,’ was released in January 2024.

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