‘Pennywise Pumpkins’ Are Now A Thing And Halloween Is Officially Cancelled

Pennywise Pumpking Jack-O-Lantern For Halloween
Twitter / @corinhardy

Hello, 911, I’d like to report a crime: people won’t stop making Pennywise pumpkins and I need you to cancel Halloween IMMEDIATELY.

People have basically been obsessing over It (and it’s weirdly sexy clown) since it came out in theaters last month. So I really shouldn’t be surprised that Pennywise The Fuckable Clown is taking over, but honestly, I just wish it would stop.

Do these people have incredible talent? Definitely!!! Do they need to stop right this instance? Yes, immediately!!!

I don’t mean to be a Halloween buzzkill, but can’t we go back to having cute lil Jack-O-Lanterns with misshapen eyes on our doorsteps? Now Pennywise is following me down every street I go and I CAN’T DEAL.

I guess this is better than the killer clowns of 2016, but also, can we just stop with clowns for the rest of the century??? Please and thanks. TC mark

Callie Byrnes

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