James Franco Put His Number On A Billboard And You Need To Call It Right This Instant

Billboard with James Franco's number on it
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James Franco has been known to do some crazy shit. Remember when he used to post nudes on Instagram in the early hours of the morning, only to delete them hours later? Not to mention he takes on the strangest projects (I am convinced he’s not even playing a character on Why Him? Like, that’s probably just who he is). He’s an enigma, that’s for sure.

So when a billboard promoting his upcoming film The Disaster Artist (which could potentially be his strangest and best work yet) appeared with a phone number attached to it, people were immediately curious.

And those who called it got an interesting surprise…

Seriously, try it out. (323)-616-2024.

For those who don’t know, The Disaster Artist is based on the making of the cult film The Room, which is considered the worst movie ever made in history. I’m not joking — that’s why people like it. Franco plays Tommy Wiseau the strange man in the center of the movie, who writes, directs, and stars in The Room. Wiseau, like Franco, was known for being a bizarre guy altogether, and Franco has apparently decided to play his character to its fullest extent. Which is perhaps why he was taking calls from random fans.

Even Seth Rogen, one of Franco’s friends and a The Disaster Artist co-star, confirmed that fans could reach Franco via the number.

But few fans had any luck actually reaching him.

Honestly, Franco probably disconnected the number by now due to the mass amounts of calls and texts I’m sure he’s received by now. Still, I’m saving this number for later. You know, just in case. TC mark

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