All The Little Signs That We Were Supposed To End Up Together

A neon sign that says "This Is The Sign You've Been Looking For"
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1. We had all these stories from our childhoods that seemed to parallel one another. It’s weird, because we never knew each other growing up, but when we’d tell each other stories, it always felt like we did. It was almost like we knew each other decades before we met.

2. My friend once told me that even in big groups, you only ever looked at me. I think I had that problem, too. Sometimes when we talked, I forgot we weren’t the only people in the room; I was always so disoriented when I’d finally snap out of it and realize we weren’t alone. You always smiled like you knew.

3. You reminded me exactly of my first love — so much, in fact, that sometimes you’d speak and I’d have to take a few extra seconds just to make sure it was really you. Weirdly enough, I reminded you of your first love, too.

4. We both said we didn’t believe in signs from the universe, but every time one popped up we’d both look at each other conspiratorially because deep down, we both knew.

5. We liked all the same stupid shit. We hated all the same stupid shit. That felt like a sign to me.

6. One time we had a whole conversation about how people are supposedly attracted to those who remind them of their opposite sex parent and how it was kind of creepy but it made sense. Not much later, you casually mentioned I reminded you of your mother in some ways. I never admitted it, but you kind of reminded me of my dad, too.

7. We used to be able to read each other’s minds. I’d think something and no more than a moment later, you’d say it. Or you’d look at me and without opening your mouth, I knew what you wanted. Sometimes we’d just glance at each other and start laughing out of nowhere. Isn’t it crazy the way that humans connect?

8. We always had conversations about things that somehow became metaphors for ourselves. Like the one time we were arguing about a couple on a TV show and by the end of the conversation, we stared at each other in surprise because we realized we’d been talking about ourselves all along.

9. Our whole relationship was so dramatic it felt like it belonged in a movie. And in movies, the protagonists always ended up together. Why wouldn’t we, too?

10. One time a tarot card reader asked me what I wanted to know and I said, “I just want to know what the fuck is going on between me and him.” She asked me to pull a card, and when I did, her eyes widened. “Well, there’s no misreading this one,” she said with certainty. “A card of romance, of hope. Of a boy who loves you.”

11. You always talked about how you couldn’t wait till I met your family. I was more nervous about the thought than you were. “What if they think I’m weird?” I asked, but you shook your head. “They’ll love you,” you told me. “How could anyone not?”

12. There was this stupid song you showed me once when we were driving late at night. I realized later you made a big deal about it because it reminded you of us. It’s crazy, because after that, I started hearing that song everywhere. When you’d text me, it’d pop up on my playlist. When I’d drive to your house, it’d start playing on the radio. Whenever I’d think of you, it was there. I couldn’t seem to escape it.

It’s the same song that started playing at the coffee shop the day I met up with you to tell you that maybe I’d read the signs wrong. That maybe we weren’t supposed to end up together after all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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