12 Trendy Neon Signs To Help Distract You From Your Existential Dread

Purple neon sign that says "keeping it real"
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You know what I love about neon signs? They’re cute and they’re #trendy and they make me feel like my life isn’t constantly on the edge of completely unfurling into chaos along with the rest of  the cesspool that is today’s society. Aren’t they just so fun and shiny?

Here are some of the best neon signs to spice up any party and also make you forget that your life is completely falling apart.

1. “Party On” Pizza


How hip! What better way to keep you and your guests feeling young and hungry than this neon sign with a multicolor slice of pizza. Hopefully that’s enough to distract you from the fact that you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in weeks and you’re still not sure if you can afford rent. Look! So shiny!

2. “Find What You Love And Let It Kill You”


This sign offers great advice that could improve your life immensely. Quick, find something you love that will kill you before the impending nuclear war does!

3. It Was All A Dream”


LOL actually it all definitely happened and someone definitely has the receipts but meditating under this mantra might help you sleep at night.

4. “Keeping It Real”


You haven’t done laundry in two weeks but you can’t even see the spaghetti stains on your shirt in the soft glow of this bitchin’ wall decor.

5. “Let The Good Times Roll”


You haven’t had a good time since ’99 but all the Insta likes you’ll get from this are a good alternative.

6. “You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be”


You aren’t, but if you stare at it long enough it may be enough to convince you otherwise (or blind you).

7. “It Is What It Is”


You literally can’t do anything about how terrible everything is but this is cute.

8. “If It’s Not Good, Then Make It Good”


Go on, pretend like you have any control over your life.

9. “Like”


You still won’t get that like from your ex you’re still in love with but hey, this will do for now.

10. “Sometimes I Think Sometimes I Don’t”


Keep this hanging above your bed and use it as a profound excuse to justify all your terrible decisions.

11. “Good Luck”


Honestly at this point you’re going to need this one just to help you get out of bed every morning.

12. “Blah Blah Blah”


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