What People Don’t Understand About You, Based On Your Moon Sign

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Though we often talk about sun signs in astrology, we tend forget about moon signs, which influence your personality just as much as the former. While your sun sign shows who you are to the rest of the world, your moon sign affects you in a subtler, more profound way: it shows your true colors, your inner you, your deepest thoughts and needs — the things people don’t alway see.

To figure out your moon sign, you’ll need to know your birth date, birth time and birth city. You can calculate it here.


You’re a lot more independent than you seem. You need quite a bit of space to process your thoughts and emotions. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the people in your life — you just have the innate need to be alone and to have full control over your life without someone else interfering, as people often do.


You crave security of every kind — financial, emotional, you name it. Comfort is a huge deal to you, and you can’t rest easy until you have it. If something (or someone) threatens that, you’ll cut it out of your life immediately — you’re not about to gamble on your own feeling of safety.


You have a need to know things. Not necessarily gossip, but everything else — how things work, why certain things happen, how to do certain things. You’re constantly seeking new information, even if that just means jumping from Wikipedia page to Wikipedia page. You love nothing more than discovering something new and sharing it with the world around you.


You’re softer than you seem. No matter how you hold yourself on the outside, you care deeply for those around you and have a large capacity of empathy. Though you may not always make it obvious, your deep understanding of the world and other people make you feel things deeply and intensely.


You’re incredibly sensitive to what people say and do to you, even if you’re good at playing it off. Things hurt you deeper than you’ll admit, but you put on a good show to show you’re fine, you promise — you don’t want people to know how much influence they have. But the truth is that every hit leaves a scar on your soul, and you’re always waiting for the day you’ll meet someone who won’t hurt you at all.


You have a tendency to analyze everyone and everything around you. Even when you’re just out having fun, you’re constantly taking in information and processing it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing — most of the time, you’re just trying to figure out how to improve the circumstances around you. You’re a bit of a do-gooder.


You don’t always seem like the person to get fired up, but you’re often outraged by injustice. The fact of the matter is, fairness matters to you, and every time justice isn’t served you get incredibly frustrated. You may not be known as the politician of your friend group, but you definitely have a lot of stances on what’s been going on, even if you don’t voice them.


You’re incredibly introspective. You think a lot about your own needs and motivations and try your best to analyze why you think and feel certain things. Of course, you rarely talk about it with others — when it comes to yourself, you’re pretty secretive. You’d rather people not understand you as well as you do.


You have a deep-seated need to be free, and a lot of things make you feel trapped — people who are too clingy, jobs that are too restrictive, schedules that leave little room for compromise, living in the same place for too long. You like things fresh, new, and living the same life for too long makes you feel antsy.


You have a wise, serious side. Even if you’re the class clown or the drama queen of your friend group, there’s a part of you that thinks deeply about the things going on around you. You’re a lot more responsible than you seem, and when it comes down to it, you’re not afraid to take control of your life and find a way to succeed.


You’ve always felt different from everyone else, even if you can’t explain why. You see the world differently, you think differently, you feel differently, and you’re not sure anyone will ever be able to understand you. This can cause you to feel alone sometimes, even when you’re standing in the middle of a crowded room.


You’re incredibly intuitive. Sometimes you just know things and you can’t really explain why — it’s just an itch more than anything, but you tend to be right. You can pick up on other people’s thoughts and feelings based off of just a few little observations, which may surprise people — you may not seem like the most observational person, but that doesn’t mean you don’t see things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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