Aaron Carter Got Into A Twitter War With A Sorority Girl And Proved That 2017 Is The Worst

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If Aaron Carter wasn’t your first love, did you even grow up in the early 2000s? He was basically the boyfriend we all pretended to have as we blasted “Aaron’s Party” through our boombox speakers.

But now Aaron is just a memory I forget on most days (until, that is, I hear someone say “I Want Candy” and I suddenly feel triggered). And, you know, I’m starting to think it should stay that way after he got into some Twitter beef with this sorority girl. Yeah, I’m being for real.

This student at the University of Iowa tweeted at Aaron to vote for her sorority in competition run by Iowa Greek Life’s account. He was just one of the many celebs who received mentions from sorority and fraternity members who hoped to win the vote.


But Aaron, for some reason or another, didn’t take it very well.


Um, what? You doing OK there, Aaron? Because it sounds like someone’s a li’l salty.

Jenna kept her cool, but her response definitely got a rise out of the ex-pop star. (You hear that, Aaron? EX.)





But in the end, Jenna got the last word.


The whole thing seems a little pointless on Aaron’s part, but I guess he’s gotta stay relevant somehow, eh?

Honestly, at this point he should probably just be happy that someone remembered him. He may have been my first love, but I’d still @ Jesse McCartney before I’d ever @ him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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