13 Relatable ’13 Reasons Why’ Tweets That’ll Make You Say ‘YAS’

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If you’re as obsessed with 13 Reasons Why as I am, you probably don’t even care that the show has completely consumed the Internet within the last month. Fan theories, tweets, Tumblr posts — great! Keep them coming, please. I need them.

Just in case you need a little something-something to fuel your Hannah Baker-related addiction (but, like, you don’t feel like crying), here are 13 of the most relatable tweets that’ll make you say “YAS” out loud, probably, at least once.

1. This tweet that reminds us why we seriously can’t handle Courtney.

2. Seriously, Courtney, FUCK OFF.

3. Also, Justin, could you calm tf down?

4. And YOU, Clay. Helmet. You could’ve turned 13 episodes into 3 and SAVED US ALL FROM 10 EXTRA HOURS OF HEARTBREAK.

5. Seriously, you could have made this easier for EVERYONE.

6. Move over, Kylie and Kendall — we’ve found your replacements.

7. A little louder for the people in the back: Jeff Atkins deserved better.



10. But really, Tony, WTF?

11. I’m not saying Tony was a stalker, but like

12. Don’t even try to tell me this hasn’t crossed your mind at least once.

13. Welcome to your tape, Netflix.

If there is not a season 2, I will riot. TC mark


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