This Police Officer Found Himself In A Real Life Horror Movie When He Investigated A Slamming Door In A Morgue

YouTube / Alcmidia

There are quite a few things in life I absolutely refuse to deal with: rush hour traffic, ads at the beginning of YouTube videos and morgues that have doors that slam themselves. There is nothing you can say or do to convince me otherwise.

I bet this Brazilian police officer wishes he would’ve followed my philosophy when he found himself in the middle of a real life horror movie. He was walking around the morgue for whatever reason when the lights started flickering and one of the doors started slamming violently, and instead of running out of there with Usain Bolt-level speed like a normal-ass human being, he decided to investigate.

YouTube / Alcmidia

I mean, doesn’t the hallway just look like the perfect place for every demonic presence in the universe to gather together for a beautiful day of scaring the living shit out of all of us?

The worst part of the video isn’t even the aggressive door-slamming or weird lighting issues, but the few seconds where everything stops and there’s silence. That’s when the officer finally reaches the door and realizes there’s literally no way a living person could’ve been controlling the door, because the door itself leads into a tiny storage closet with nothing in it at all. And for some reason, HE STILL DOESN’T LEAVE.

Careful, this video is NSFW — not because it’s inappropriate in any way, but because it’s freaky af and honestly you just shouldn’t watch it at all unless you want to spend the rest of the day freaking out every time you hear a door close.

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