This Man’s Last Facebook Post Before He Was Murdered Is Beautifully Haunting

Go Fund Me / Randy Asbury and Reddit / zepplinnd99
Go Fund Me / Randy Asbury and Reddit / zepplinnd99

This man’s last Facebook post is beautiful and haunting, especially when you find out that mere hours after he posted it, he was shot dead.

Reddit / zepplinnd99
Reddit / zepplinnd99

In his post, Zachary Ryan Winters pleaded his peers to stop fighting over their differences and instead embrace peace and love. “…if your seeing this in fb it’s because ur my friend or family and I love you all!” he wrote.

About four hours after he posted the love-filled message, Zachary heard a man banging on his upstairs neighbor’s door and demanding her to come out. Zachary confronted the man about harassing the woman. The situation quickly escalated and the man eventually pulled out a gun and shot Zachary in the chest. The man has since then been charged with murder.

His family and friends started a Go Fund Me to pay for the funeral expenses. The description calls Zachary “a memorable person and the smile behind everyone’s good time. He was a father of four beautiful children, a brother to five siblings, a cherished son and an amazing friend.”

This all goes to show that Zachary was right all along: maybe the world has been lacking kindness lately. Let’s hope his story will encourage others to spread the love to everyone — even the people they don’t necessarily agree with. TC mark

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