18 Things You Can Only Do With Your Best Friends

This one’s for the besties. The girlfriends. The sister from another mister. Our hetero life partners. The female friendship is a sacred bond, as strong as it is strange. I’m thankful for the pack of weirdos that I call my tribe, my friends.


1. Eat an entire pan of brownies together as you discuss your plans for living a healthier lifestyle.

2. Grab a bottle of wine, a wedding magazine, and open up Pinterest to plan both of your future weddings — despite the fact that neither of you are engaged.

3. Make the statement, “I went to lunch with my husband, but then we ran into my boyfriend and it was totally awkward.” Knowing that your bestie will know that your “boyfriend” is the creepy waiter that hit on you that one time during brunch and your “husband” is the hot guy from work that you fantasize about.

4. Coordinate a date night outfit over the phone, because they know every item in your closet backwards and forwards.

5. Have an elaborate, non-verbal language of eyebrow movements and varying degrees of eye-widening that says more than words ever could.

6. Cram into a twin bed together, as adults, and spoon all night long without it being even the slightest bit awkward.

7. Establish bizarre rituals that only make sense to the two of you. Like randomly bursting into song after one of you utters a specific cue word or playing NSYNC in the car every time you get coffee together. (To this day, I will not take a sip of my Starbucks until I have heard the opening notes to “Bye Bye Bye”)

8. Seriously discuss the possibilities of a world where one of you is Supreme Ruler of the Universe and the other is Captain of the Ninja Guard.

9. Cry together. Cry over breakups. Cry over the job you didn’t get. Cry over whoever died on “Game of Thrones”.

10. Talk extensively about your sex life, in graphic detail, without fear of judgment because you know that for every weird thing you’ve introduced into the bedroom, they can probably one up you.

11. Go shopping together at Victoria’s Secret, share a fitting room, and make comments like, “You look like a slutty sugarplum fairy” or “That looks so hot on you I can feel myself turning gay.”

12. Have entire conversations via .gif on the regular.

13. Spend hours online, comparing prices on sex swings, because one of you wondered aloud how much something like that would cost.

14. Make up code names for all the men in your life: Big Daddy, Hot Intern, Cute Intern, Smoking hot intern, Gauntlet Man, Thor, Bonejangles, and Ryan Reynolds but Not (to name a few)

15. Wail (and I mean wail) along to songs like “Let It Go”, “Dream On”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” on road trips together.

16. Make a pact that if neither of you gets married, you will live together in townhouse and adopt a dog together.

17. Travel together and never get sick of one another

18. Be yourself, in all your bizarre, questionable, uncensored glory. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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