This Is What Your Soul Desperately Wants You To Know

philippe leroyer
philippe leroyer

I want to tell you something because I notice you often forget. You forget in the morning or while you’re sleeping. I’m not sure where you go when you sleep…to your past, or previous lives, but you travel to a place that makes you forget…you forget this:

You deserve good things in life. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be loved and noticed. You deserve to look and feel beautiful. You forget that you too are extraordinary.
Why is it that you believe everyone you know, meet, and love deserves nothing but the best and you don’t believe the same for yourself?

You deserve to be happy. Happiness is not a veil that covers you each morning. Happiness is a choice you make every day and each moment. Choose happiness not because it makes sense or it is easy.

Choose happiness because you deserve it.

The people in your life whom you believe deserve the best, do you believe that because of what they’ve done, what has happened to them, or the choices they make? No, you believe it because you look at them, you see their soul, and you believe with all your heart that they deserve every good thing in life solely because they are. They just are and they just do. Why are you an exception? Don’t wait for someone else to tell you this or make you believe it. Just believe it.

Don’t waste any more time, days, or years.

Life is perspective. You wake up every morning and create your reality. Quit creating inadequacy, sadness, dissatisfaction, confusion, and turmoil. Lighten the fuck up and smile. The world needs that smile.

Every morning, get to a place where you believe this. Be one of the people in your life who you beg to see and believe this truth. Put yourself on your team. You’ve always had a team of people in your life that you crave the best for, be one of the players.

Choose to see beauty when it’s hard to find. Choose to laugh. Choose to let things bounce off of you. Life is way too short and you know this. Treat yourself how you treat others.

I’m not sure where you learned that you didn’t deserve happiness, love, to smile, to be noticed and laugh often…Doesn’t matter, that’s the past. Let’s begin each day believing this: You deserve beauty, magic, joy, and goodness. I promise. Look at yourself like you’re not yourself. God, you’re gorgeous, hilarious, intelligent, sexy, and magic. Give that to the world.

Let yourself give love to the world by loving yourself. The world needs it so badly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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