Why People Are Intimidated By You, Based On Your Life Path Number

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The life path number is suggested to be the most important number of your personality. The reason for this is because the life path number gives you the most information in regards to your character and the life you will live. The life path number unveils what your life purpose may be and the type of experiences you may encounter along your path of life. If you need to find your life path number as well as other numbers in your numerology chart, you may head over to Astrostyle and you will be told how to calculate your life path number with a brief description of each life path number and their significance. The life path numbers are numbers 1 through 9 and 33/6 since you do not add the numbers 11, 22 or 33 together. Astrostyle’s website will also explain how to do this and what this means.

Do you know why people may be intimidated by you? There could be a wide variety of reasons as to why someone is intimidated by you whether it be your anger outbursts or your success as a business person. According to your life path number, reasons why people are intimidated by you are listed below.

Number 1 – The Leader

You are a natural born leader with a high level of self-awareness and self-motivation. People are intimidated by you because of your competitiveness. You always want to win and you will do what it takes to win. People are also intimidated by your courage and determination. You have the courage to take risks regardless of the outcome. You may fall on your face at times, but you believe the risk was worth taking than never taking it at all. Others may be intimidated by you because there are times when you will appear egotistical and domineering even though that’s not the place you are coming from.

Number 2 – The Mediator

Some people might be intimidated by you because of your ability to walk away from people. While you are full of love and want to be loved, those who strip you of your emotional energy do not deserve a place in your life and you’ll walk away, without ever looking back. As a 2, you have a tendency to become overly emotional with both negative and positive emotions. So, when you become angry or frustrated, it drains you both physically and mentally and the angry side of you is what people are intimidated by the most.

Number 3 – Self-Expressive Creator

You are a natural entertainer and you express yourself through different types of art whether it be dancing or painting. People are intimidated by you creativity and your ability to be different and unique. People are also intimidated by you because of your expressive nature, you don’t always come off as encouraging and at times are overly critical about things.

Number 4 – The Dedicated Worker

You are the center of a company or enterprise because of your dedication and loyalty. People are intimidated by your success and drive to achieve more and more. Another thing people are intimidated by is your focus and how grounded you are in your life. You persevere through triumph and you overcome challenges that seem impossible to others. Some people may be intimidated by your intolerant and pessimistic view on things in life as you tend to close the door on many ideas and have no patience for ignorance.

Number 5 – Freedom Loving Adventurer

So many people you come into contact with are instantly attracted to you because of your energetic and positive nature. Others can be intimidated by this because they see you as a go-getter and someone who doesn’t stop until they get what they set out for. You are charismatic and often times, people remember you just by your mere presence. Some people may be intimidated by this because they are jealous or envious of that trait. They may be intimidated by your multi-talented and resourceful nature.

Number 6 – The Responsible Caregiver

You naturally love helping others and feel at your best when you’re being of assistance to another person. This intimidates some people because they fear you may be an all-around better person than they are. You are a perfectionist and over-achiever at heart which some may be intimidated by because they do not possess that ability. Some people may feel they’re always in competition with you in regards of being a better friend, family member and/or co-worker. They may feel they have to constantly tire themselves out by competing with you.

Number 7 – The Contemplative Truth Seeker

You tend to think things through very carefully in order to assess and evaluate possible alternatives and what the best possible outcome would be for all parties involved. You intimidate people by being so put together and in control. People are also envious of your ability to express unconditional love to others as well as your generosity.

Number 8 – Business-Minded Leader

Some 8’s tend to have a positive outlook on money and are drawn to jobs that involve them being in some type of lead role. There are other 8’s who are self-sabotaging when it comes to money or have limited beliefs about money. The Law of Attraction governs 8’s. Many people are intimidated by you because you are domineering, manipulative and hard-headed. You have a very powerful mind so whatever you think or feel is what you will attract in your life.

Number 9 – The Compassionate Humanitarian

You are understanding, kind and understanding. You are empathetic and generous by nature and you have an ability to reach people and feel what they are feeling. Don’t let this fool you because there’s a side to 9’s not many people know about. People are intimidated by you because of your ability to carry out revenge on others who cross you. You are revengeful and unforgiving so people are very careful when they come across you.

Number 11/2 – The Inspirational Teacher

11/2’s is a higher vibration of 2’s so they encompass all that 2’s have with some additional characteristics. 11/2’s have a unique ability to inspire and uplift other people, even strangers they meet one time. They are on their own personal journey to find their purpose and when they do, they provide that wisdom to the generations that come after them. Your intense nature intimidates people because it can make you act in unpredictable ways.  

Number 22/4 – The Master Builder

Everything that number 4 has, the 22/4 has but characteristics are intensified. They are able to see the bigger picture of things and what needs to be done in the near-future. People are intimidated by you because of your stubbornness and controlling nature. Because you are a perfectionist at heart, you tend to be controlling of how things get done.

Number 33/6 – The Master Healer

33/6’s have intensified characteristics of 6’s with additional unique characteristics. You are a healer whether it be medically or through self-expression. You are also very critical and self-righteous which many people are intimidated by. People may be afraid to come to you if you come off as self-righteous or do not provide criticism in a fashion that is constructive and supportive.

Life path numbers should be taken into consideration with one’s zodiac sign as well as other personality numbers. The accuracy of your numerology chart depends on your ability to use information from each personality number and combine them with each other. It’s important to combine all factors of your numbers because there may be some contradicting characteristics that you will need to put in context. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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