The Beautiful Disaster Of An Empath Loving A Narcissist

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These two types of people are immediately attracted to one another.

The empath, wants to help people and puts the needs of others before their own and the narcissist wants to be the center of attention and really doesn’t care for anyone but themselves. The empath is a giver and the narcissist is a taker which makes for a beautifully yet disastrous and dysfunctional combination.

You’d think that because an empath has a strong intuition and can detect lying very easily that they would know the narcissist’s intentions and steer clear. That is definitely not the case.

The empath will continue giving in the relationship until sheer and utter exhaustion while the narcissist will keep taking while also expecting more. The narcissist will continue wanting more and more and ultimately, will never be satisfied.

Narcissists tend to latch on to those who are easy-going, kind, soft and gentle. Empaths are genuine and loving in their nature while narcissist’s are con artists and compulsive liars.

This is one reason why empaths have difficulty recognizing the lies. Narcissists have perfected the craft of lying and is most likely normal and unconscious to the narcissist. They’re experts in pathological and compulsive lying.

The empath is often a people-pleaser and reasonable. The narcissist, on the other hand, is usually irrational and illogical. Empaths are typically rational people and trying to rationalize with an irrational person often leads to arguments and blame falls on the empath.

The empath gives the benefit of the doubt to the narcissist while the narcissist continues to be suspicious for no valid reason and accuses the empath of lying or cheating. Empaths are forgiving while the narcissists play games with their minds and make empaths feel as though they’re going crazy. They start questioning their sanity.

Because empaths have the innate ability to feel what someone else is feeling, the narcissist feeds off of that and plays it to their advantage. Narcissists are always thinking of things in terms of what is beneficial to them and how beneficial it is.

The narcissist accuses the empath of doing something wrong or in their own mind, not doing anything for them and making the empath feel guilty. Empaths are apologetic and genuine while narcissists are passive aggressive and refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

The empath is immediately attracted to the narcissist’s charm. It’s almost irresistible, especially to an empath. It isn’t until a short time after does the empath start to rethink their decision to engage in a relationship with the narcissist. By that time, it is usually impossible to stop the roller coaster from taking that big drop.

Empaths will believe they can fix the narcissist and all of their problems. They tend to see good in everyone and it is no different with a narcissist. The narcissist will fall hard and fast for the empath but that is short lived because the narcissist gets bored very easily and fast.

The narcissist will lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want. They run the empath into sheer exhaustion. Everyone is replaceable to the narcissist and one person or another can’t change that.

No one can change the narcissist. No one.

The narcissist will suck all of the energy out of the empath. Empaths need to know when it’s time to go and how to approach it. Empaths know what they need to do but their ability to execute the plan is difficult due to their caring nature.

It’s the ultimate beautiful disaster of relationships. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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