9 Realities Only People Who Live With Depression Will Understand

9 Realities Only People Who Live With Depression Will Understand
Olaia Irigoien

So many people suffer from depression although the severity of it is different in everyone. Regardless of severity, depression robs us of things that make us happy and content. Depression steals what we once cherished and felt good about.

Depression is like the devil in that it makes us suffer an immense amount of pain emotionally and mentally. Because the pain isn’t physical or visible, it’s hard for people to understand the detrimental nature of depression and the rapid downward spiral it takes many of us on.

The realities of depression are from my own experiences of depression. Some things may differ from me to the next but the overall big picture seems to be consistent with articles I’ve read.

1. Depression makes you not want to get out of bed. Sometimes, depression makes you stay in bed for days at a time. Depression makes it difficult to function and face the world.

2. Depression makes you feel useless, helpless and hopeless. It’s like anything you do is not good enough and never will be. You see no use in doing things because it’ll never meet anyone’s expectations or your own.

3. Depression makes you sad and a lot of the time, cry for unknown reasons. People have asked me “why are you so sad” or “why are you crying” and when I can’t give them a straight answer, they look puzzled and confused. You may have everything going good in your life at work, home or school and you’re still sad and feeling empty. This is one of the hardest realities, in my opinion, for people who don’t suffer from depression to understand.

4. Depression causes you to think you’re not good enough for anyone or anything.

5. Depression makes you feel everyone would be better off if you weren’t around. It’s almost as if you’re an annoyance or burden more than anything.

6. Depression robs you of what you once found enjoyable and pleasurable. You can’t find happiness in hobbies and activities you once loved.

7. Depression has you waking up in the morning not caring if something bad happens to you. Waking up feeling upset that you actually woke up. You go to sleep wishing and praying not to wake up the next day.

8. Depression makes you want to die or kill yourself. Suicidal thoughts intensify as the days go on, with or without a plan. You may have attempted suicide in the past. Depression makes you feel you’re worthless and better off dead.

9. Depression robs those affected by it of a balanced and joyous life. Many people lose friends or partners because of depression. Many people don’t understand the amount of pain and suffering those with depression feel.

People who don’t suffer from depression are not able to fathom the intense feelings of pain and sadness experienced by those who have depression. The feeling of being better off dead or waking up every morning not caring to live or die is real.

If you know someone or someone you love and care about suffers from depression, do not underestimate their feelings and hurt. Validate them when they need it. Don’t make them feel what they are feeling is not real or just a case of the Monday’s. They don’t need you to understand every aspect of their depression. They just need you to believe them and their feelings. [tc-mar]

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