7 Reasons Why Your Long Distance Relationship Is NOT Doomed

paul bica
paul bica

Hey, sometimes a person writes from their bitter heart about a terrible relationship that really has no ground to stand on. Other times people write out of gleeful, bubbly happiness with hearts floating around them.

1. It is one of the most real relationships you will find in your life.

You and your S/O probably spend more time a day talking about mundane, completely uninteresting things that no couple in their right mind would ever bother to listen to let alone engage in if they had the choice in person. Why do you do this? Because there are miles separating the two of you and you’ll do anything in your power to find some proximity of closeness. You probably know more about your long distance lover in 6 months of dating than most couples know about each other in a year. This is because once again, you desperately seek out ways of bridging that distance. Physical relationships aren’t the only relationships. In fact, many times people confuse physcial relationships as real when they are just that.

2. Words lose their meaning over time when you don’t actually mean what you’re saying anymore.

Words don’t lose their meaning. I don’t know who the hell came up with this idiotic quotation that I’ve heard time and time again. Yeah, sure, you apologize for the same thing over and over again but keep repeating it? Your apology definitely lost its meaning.. but not because the words lost meaning. It’s lost because you don’t mean it and you don’t care. If you continue to care and love for a person your words will never stop holding a special place in their hearts.

3. Long Distance demands almost nothing in the grand scheme.

If you trust your relationship then other peoples comments hold no weight. A phone call and Skype session or visit doesn’t equal out to the amount of demands a normal relationship holds. A regular standard relationship demands things of you daily and takes away from the things you need to accomplish. In my personal life, my long distance relationship has helped me finish school, get many promotions at my job and keep a healthy social life because I have someone rooting for me but not demanding a significant portion of my time. We love one another and we trust/respect one another to know we have lives outside of a computer screen.

4. What relationship doesn’t lose touch with reality?

If you can say that you and your lover distance or no distance haven’t at one point partaken in some really ridiculous activity that anyone who looked upon it would have seen and thought “WTF?!” then you’re doing it all wrong.

5. Any relationship is tiresome because life is tiresome.

If the relationship is right you will make it through the bumps. Distance doesn’t make you tired. Life makes you tired. 2 miles or 25,000 miles isn’t what makes you tired, your day to day stresses make you tired. If anything your love for another person keeps you going. Sure there are times when my schedule doesn’t fit well but doesn’t this happen in a non-long distance relationship too? Uh yeah, weekends with friends, family functions etc. YOU WORK IT OUT.

6. You aren’t miserable because of the distance. You are miserable because you’re with the wrong person.

Sure, I can totally think of a time when I cried like a baby because I was lonely and wanted my boyfriend right then. (Last night?) Was I unhappy having to go to bed alone? Hell yeah I was. Did I wake up and consider my entire relationship doomed because I was lonely? Did I question all my moments of sadness and come to the conclusion distance sucks and it makes me miserable? No. My guy is worth the distance. Our love is worth the distance. If you’re constantly feeling miserable it isn’t because of your LONG DISTANCE relationship. Its because of your RELATIONSHIP.

7. It’s worth it every damn day.

Lets keep this one short. No one knows the the hell their life is going to turn out like. Your plans are just plans and you make new ones every damn day. You don’t plan to fall in love with someone that lives 5 shitty states away but sometimes life kicks you in the ass and it happens. If the person is the right person for you, you hold on for dear fricken life and you work it out. You may not be able to plan for a life together RIGHT NOW but it doesn’t mean that your entire life will be spent a part.

TL:DR: Long distance doesn’t make your relationship doomed. Your shitty relationship and terrible attitude make your relationship doomed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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