The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Get Away With Murder

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Taurians are like vaults when it comes to keeping a secret and would never under any circumstances cave to an investigation turning towards them. When a Taurus has information (like perhaps their history of offing people) they’ll keep it to themselves no matter who is interrogating them. A Taurus is a master at manipulating situations and convincing people to think in whatever way they want them to and believe whatever they want them to. Even if their murders were executed in the sloppiest, messiest way possible, a stubborn Taurus is going to lock it up emotionally and never give away any detail or reveal a single shred of guilt to investigators.


There’s no sign in the entire zodiac more methodical, maniacal, and systematic than a Virgo. If a Virgo wanted to get away with murder, they would have the entire act, aftermath, and cover up planned down to the very last detail. Frankly, a Virgo wouldn’t even be a suspect for murder because they’d never allow themselves to put in that position in the first place. It’s highly likely that the only clue that a Virgo killed someone would be the missing person’s report; and nothing else would ever be discovered or brought into light.


Scorpios are manipulative and borderline psychotic when it comes to getting away with things. They’re not afraid of pinning their wrong doings (or in this case, probably horrifyingly sadistic murders) onto someone else. A Scorpio would persuade the cops and investigators that someone else was completely responsible for everything. Even if evidence was pointing their way, practically screaming, “The Scorpio did it!!” they would be able to talk and lie their way out of it. And they’re so convincing, so good at insisting that they’re telling the truth there’s simply no way that they wouldn’t be believed. Sucks for whoever they’ve targeted as their get-away-with-murder-card, because that person is 100% going down for it.


Capricorns are naturally calculating, slightly vindictive, more than a little paranoid, and consistently one step ahead of everyone else. A Capricorn likes to predict what’s going to happen before it even occurs. When a Capricorn makes the decision they’re going to do something and not get caught, they would have everything that could possibly lead an investigation their way already on their radar. So in order to get away with it a Capricorn would ensure that they wouldn’t even be a suspect to begin with. Through careful and exact execution, no one would ever even think of accusing them. And they’d live out their lives just internally beaming with pride that no one ever suspected they were actually capable of murder.


Aquarians are one of the most unpredictable signs in the zodiac. They’re nearly impossible to read and it’s somehow even more difficult to get them to crack. They simply don’t respond to pressure or break under it; it’s not in their nature. An Aquarian’s murder would already be so ridiculously out of the box that coming up with a profile would be insanely hard for police. They’d be undetectable because they wanted to be original, wanted to a killer like no other. So while they’d be the stuff of legends (think the Zodiac Killer) you’d never really know who was guilty for committing their crimes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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