25 Things Love Does


1. Makes people willing to put even the most coveted things at stake.

2. Unifies through the only commonality needed to understand one another.

3. Creates an inner warmth and willingness to be loving and kind to others.

4. Makes every one of life’s hardships and tragedies seem worth it.

5. Provides a sense of purpose.

6. Compels so deeply you’d risk or give your life.

7. Makes the coy outspoken and the outgoing coy.

8. Reforms the jaded and hopeless.

9. Puts people in touch with their true selves.

10. Accepts without condition.

11. Embraces what is, and people as they are.

12. Is unwavering with compassion and forgiveness.

13. Is willing to let go if need be.

14. Connects people of all races and creeds.

15. Unites countries and peoples otherwise wartorn and separate.

16. Uncovers what’s most true.

17. Makes people completely reform their ideas of what is “attractive.”

18. Either provides convincing evidence of a higher being or at least of the concept of fate.

19. Closes personal distance.

20. Takes down otherwise unbreakable walls.

21. Keeps people coming back to the thing that either has or has the potential to destroy them.

22. Seems to change people, but really just unveils their true selves.

23. Inspires and unfolds.

24. Makes you just mad enough to devote your entire life to another person.

25. Makes way for peace: sometimes with oneself, sometimes with others, but most often, with all the uncertainties that come with life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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