6 Signs It’s Not Going To Work Out


1. You fight dirty. I’m not saying you have to be flawless communicators right off the bat, but if you resort to calling someone fat or rubbing their imperfections in their face, that’s not someone you really want to spend your time with.

2. You’re kind of avoiding introducing them to your friends. If you keep making excuses to push off those plans for you guys to finally hang out and meet each other, you may want to consider why you keep doing that. If it’s because you’re embarrassed of them, well, I think you know the rest.

3. Their future plans make you cringe. I’m not talking about the little things, I mean the big deal-breakers like they do or don’t want to have kids, they want to move to Japan, they want to spend their life as nomads living off the land, they want to be a two-faced politician, etc. Because their future hopes and dreams actually say a lot about them.

4. It’s hard to have great conversations with them. This one is a deal-breaker for me, because I’m all about just sitting down over a meal and talking about anything and everything. If you can’t connect with someone at this most basic level, or it’s like pulling teeth to keep a conversation going, it’s probably not going anywhere else.

5. They don’t accept you for who you genuinely are. You have to be with someone who not only accepts you, but admires you and loves you for all the weird, quirky things you do. If you let your guards down and show them who you really are, only to be met with a less-than-ideal reaction, you’ll most likely be calling it quits.

6. Your gut feeling tells you this isn’t the person for you, or your mind and heart keep going back to someone else. This is the hardest to realize and accept, but probably the most important. Your gut always knows. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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