No Matter What You Do, Never Say A Demon’s Name Out Loud

David Mulder

Up until this year I never had encountered anything paranormal in my life.

I never cared for any of it. I didn’t even think that any of it was real until I experienced it. I didn’t buy a book of spells or join a cult, I’ve never even played with a Ouija board before. All I did was watch a movie, a normal anticipated horror film that was announced for months. My girlfriend wanted to see it so I took her. She liked the thrill of jump scares even though in real life she could barely sleep at night without a light on.

It was annoying how scared she was, I tried to convince her that it was all fake however she insisted that it was based on a real story. The movie itself was pretty good, typical jump scares and great props. However towards the last scene the name of the entity that was haunting the main characters was spoken out loud.

“Do you think the writers used the real demon name?”

My girlfriend nervously waited for my response as I laughed and told her that even if they did, saying it out loud wouldn’t really matter. Trying to reassure her I said it out loud several times and confidently said that nothing had happened to me yet. She yelled at me for not taking it serious and told me to be careful when speaking a name like that. We left the movies and although we both had changed the subject the name still echoed in my head.

Days after watching the movie I became curious and began looking online for any information behind the ‘real story’ the movie was based on, and on the name they had mentioned at the end. I came across a short article where the author ranted on and on about how a major movie studio company was actually saying the real names of the demons in their movies. Curious about it I continued reading it and came across the same name that we heard at the movies. The author left a clear warning at the end to be careful with saying these names or even thinking about them.

“Thinking about these entities draws attention to them, saying their names can accidentally invoke them… [Name] of studios isn’t having any consideration in releasing this information!!”

As I read over that same entity name in the text I heard a loud crash coming from my bathroom. Startled I stood up and nearly knocked over the chair I was sitting at. I went into the bathroom to see what had broken but found everything in its place, nothing had crashed. I stood there, contemplating whether or not I had imagined the whole thing when the entire power shut off in the house. I stood in the bathroom in complete darkness, I started reaching for my phone in my pocket when I heard steps coming upstairs. I was alone at the time and both my roommates were away for vacation so I wasn’t expecting any visitors for the rest of the night. I began searching through my pockets when the loud steps stopped in front of the bathroom door. I could hear heavy breathing just outside the door and felt a cold draft.

I turned the light on my phone and began shining the light around me, the bathroom door was still closed. Whatever was outside the door began grunting and yelping. I stood frozen with the light from my phone shining up the door in front of me. The bathroom light flickered on a few times before finally lighting up the entire house again. It took me a while to build up the courage to open the bathroom door up again. No one stood outside the bathroom and the main doors were all still locked from the inside.

The scratching began some days after that, I’d hear faint scratches coming from inside my bedroom walls late at night. At first they would start slowly until overtime they sounded like violent slashes. The activity got worse only a couple of weeks in. The scratching from inside the walls began happening at the same time I heard wailing coming from my attic. I’d come home in the evenings and find an entire room completely turned upside down, chairs and tables were stacked in the center of the room high enough to touch the ceiling. Things started disappearing throughout the house and I began catching sight of black shadows in the corner of my eyes.

I eventually gave in and explained the situation to my roommates so they knew that something was going on by the time they returned. I was too ashamed to tell my girlfriend that I had most likely brought something onto myself out of ignorance. I prayed for guidance and decided to spend some time living with my girlfriend until I could figure out what to do next. She connected me with a group that promised to help and after a lengthy process finally got the chance to help take out whatever I had unknowingly invited into my home.

The feeling of being watched all the time is gone now however the memories still linger in my mind. I’m still careful though I refuse to see another movie that knowingly toys around with an ancient name that can invoke something so negative. I encourage everyone to do a little research. If you do, you’ll notice that big studio names are in fact sharing real demon names in their movies. Look at some of the most popular series released these past couple of years.

You’ll notice them saying the names in the movie….be careful not to memorize it or say it out loud. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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