15 Men Reveal How Their Partners Cheated On Them

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1. You wouldn’t believe it even if I told you. My wife’s ex-boyfriend messaged her on Facebook, a couple of days later, she fucks him. I kicked her ass out to the curb. No one cheats on me and gets away with it. I’m in the process of fucking their lives up right now. You have to love custodial fights.

– Ralph, 32

2. I guess I was a pretty abusive guy. I mean, I had her on lockdown and she’d need permission from me to go out with her friends. I realize now I was a real shitty boyfriend. She somehow snuck a guy friend in one night and I found the two together. In my bed. I didn’t know what to do. I broke down and left the house. I stayed out for a night and when I came home, she wasn’t there anymore. Her stuff was gone. I guess that was her big “Fuck you” to me. I deserved it.

– Will, 28

3. I brought my girlfriend of five years to a frat formal. Next thing I know, we’re knocking back drinks. I go to the bathroom for a minute and when I come back, she’s full-on making out with a chick. That’s when I knew, she was the one for me. A month or two later, though, we broke up because she felt bored with our relationship.

– Caleb, 26

4. I accidentally saw a conversation she left up on her Facebook chat between some guy named “George”. The chats were really…something. Think bondage porn and stuff like that, but all typed out. She never did this with me. I stewed in anger for a really long time, until I ended up exploding at her in a parking lot for forgetting to buy paper towels. God, I should’ve confronted her when I found it.

– Trevor, 30

5. The baby wasn’t mine.

– Marcus, 32

6. I found her looking up words on her phone while we were playing Scrabble. That bitch.

– Jan-Michael, 29

7. I was 22 and she was 19 — we met while I was the ticket attendant at Lowes. She loved movies and I did too, so we ended up talking about Bruce Willis’ latest conquest: Live Free Or Die Hard. I brought her in one night, during the final run, and we ended up having sex in the back of the theater. We went steady for six months when one night, she didn’t return any of my calls or messages. I felt panicked and scared, so I left work early and drove to her house. Some car was parked there and so, I knocked on the door and some guy — in his boxers — opened it. He asked me, “Where’s the pizza? Aren’t you the pizza boy?” That’s when she walked up to the door. She started crying on the spot and kept apologizing to me, then to the guy. I left. She never contacted me again. I still don’t know what to make of that situation.

– Paul, 28

8. I saw photos of her kissing some guy while on vacation on her Facebook. Her sister had uploaded them. I was totally shocked.

– Douglas, 26

9. She sent me a booty call, so I drove to her place, when someone else pulled into her driveway. I thought I was getting robbed, but this guy looked at me weird and knocked on the door when she came out. She saw me and I was like, “Oh fuck no,” and fucking chewed her ass out in front of the guy. Fucking asshole.

– Logan, 23

10. I was studying in my dorm when someone knocked on the door and walked in. It was this buff-ass dude and he asked me if I was Michael. I nodded and he grabbed me and put me in a headlock and started punching my ribs. I had no idea what was going on. I was scared for my life until he said, “Stay the fuck away from Diana, she’s with me now.” Joke’s on you, Diana, I gave you herpes.

– Vaughn, 25

11. I noticed she was going to the gym more and putting on lipstick before she’d go there. I decided to follow her and that’s when she’d pull into a gym we used to go. I snuck in to see what she was doing, and she was working with a personal trainer. They looked very intimate, so I hung back to see what else was up. When they finished up, I quickly made a beeline to my car to wait for her to get out. And wouldn’t you know, her and the personal trainer left together. I was so furious with myself for letting this happen, so I followed them and they pulled into a driveway and I saw them kiss. I parked my car behind them, blocking them in, and I proceeded to shatter every single light with my tire iron.

– Carlos, 30

12. I was making coffee for us in the morning, like I’ve done for the past six years of us being together when she looked at me misty-eyed and told me to sit down. She explained that she had been having an affair with someone — someone who I didn’t know — and had recently broke it off because of how guilty it had made her feel. She asked me to forgive her and I asked her that I’d need some time to think about it, to process what was going on and if this would change our relationship. I left and didn’t return for three days. When I came back, she was on the couch, looking dazed. She had been crying out of remorse and self-hate. I asked her why she did it and she said it was because she had wanted to experience something new and out-of-the ordinary. I told her we could’ve experimented, that we could’ve shared that experience together without cheating on each other. She said she thought I would’ve thought less of her, for the things she wanted to do. That sent me over the edge. Six years together and she thought I’d think less of her for her kinks. I told her I was thinking of breaking up with her…but I didn’t, because I knew that she was genuinely sorry, that she’d never do it again. We’ve been together for almost 10 years now, and I’m thinking of marrying her.

– Jonathan, 30

13. I came home from work early and saw some guy screwing her from behind. I can’t get that image out from my head.

– Keith, 27

14. You know how on Facebook, it sometimes suggests friends to you? I saw someone that looked eerily like my girlfriend, so I clicked on the profile to show her. When I looked through it, though, it became clear that it actually was her. And she was in a relationship with someone else. I confronted her about it and that’s when she confessed. She had three Facebook profiles and she was rotating between all three of us. I broke up with her and told the two guys. They broke up with her too.

– Dimitri, 29

15. She said she was going to go for a drive with her “gay” friend. She comes home late, smelling of a guy’s cologne. I made a passing remark about it, but that’s when she became defensive and argumentative. She ended up yelling at me about how much of a bitch I was and so she started seeing other men to compensate. I made her leave my house and let her sleep out in the backyard. I made sure to change the locks so she couldn’t get back in. I left all of her shit outside on the front yard, and that’s when she started pleading with me. God, that was a glorious moment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

– Nicholas, 33

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