23 People Reveal The Exact Moment They Knew There Wouldn’t Be A Second Date

Twenty20 / thinkj2
Twenty20 / thinkj2

1. I met this girl off Tinder and she was really, really hot. But when she opened her mouth, all I heard were conspiracy theories. Aliens landing on Earth, George Bush is a reptile. Was this girl serious? I hightailed it out of there after the first drink. No way, man.

– Scott, 24

2. He literally said this to me: ‘I’m only here to get back at my ex.’ Nope.

– Jenna, 28

3. You know how some guys are against feminism? This guy was totally the opposite. He was way too into women’s rights. He wouldn’t shut up about it. I wanted to have a nice dinner and talk about ourselves, but he wouldn’t shut up about inequality. The conversation was unequal, I’ll tell you that much. I couldn’t get a word in.

– Hannah, 25

4. She kept showing me photos of her cats. I didn’t have the heart to tell her about my allergies.

– Jack, 27

5. A few minutes into the date, he asked me if I ‘waxed down there.’ I was flabbergasted. Then he said all women should be hairless around their genitals. Fuck that guy.

– Mallory, 30

6. He said he was hoping I was going to be his ‘Number 20.’ I was hoping he wouldn’t clarify, but he did. He meant partner, as in sex. The 20th person to have sex with him that year.

– Kaylee, 24

7. She kept texting her mom the details about the date. I only found out when I was coming back from the bathroom and peeked over her shoulder — I thought it was rude she was texting throughout the dinner. This was a whole another level.

– Mark, 27

8. She said she doesn’t trust lawyers and she thinks they’re scum. I’m a lawyer.

– Daniel, 30

9. Turns out he dated my roommate. Talk about a total bust.

– Rachel, 21

10. She kept playing the race card and kept drilling me about how I felt about Michael Brown and Eric Garner. I told her I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it with her, then she became very aggressive. I didn’t know what to do, so I got up and left. I hope she paid the bill.

– Ian, 27

11. I love Buffalo Wild Wings and I take all my first dates there. My date this time though, didn’t eat her wings the right way. Fuck that shit. If she can’t polish off a wing, she can’t polish off a dick. You know what I’m saying?

– Eugene, 31

12. She didn’t know how to use chopsticks. You talk about being worldly and shit, but you don’t know how to use chopsticks? Get out of here.

– Shen, 25

13. My date was this really creepy-looking guy, so no, I didn’t call him back.

– Jennifer, 22

14. We had some drink out in Astoria, and walked by a park. He said to me, ‘It’s so dark on this block, I bet you no one would notice if someone got raped out here.’ Then he told me about his feelings on rape and how he thought some women asked for unwanted attention because of how they dressed. Fucking asshole.

– Rachael, 28

15. This white girl thought she was impressing me by dropping ‘nigga’ when referring to her friends.

– Bobby, 26

16. He told me he didn’t read because ‘you can learn about anything by watching a video.’ God, I hated that fucking loser.

– Charlie, 26

17. He didn’t make eye contact with me very much and he kept looking around the room and watching other women. Thanks a lot. I felt like shit after that night.

– Veronica, 23

18. He basically told me straight up that he wanted to settle in a relationship and he thought I fit that profile. What the fuck does that even mean?

– Holly, 28

19. She said she hated being treated like a ‘woman’ and wanted to be treated just like how guys treat each other. Okay, so I tried to talk about the one thing I talk to my friends about most of the time, which is sports. She said she didn’t know anything about that. No problem. I switched the topic to politics. She rolled her eyes and basically told me she thought politics were boring. Uh, alrighty then. I asked her about sex and she perked right up. We talked about how many partners we had and our favorite positions. I thought, man this is a cool chick, but when it came time to pay the bills, I fully expected her to pay half, because she wanted to be treated like a guy, right? Nope. She looked at the bill and then back at me. ‘Aren’t you going to pay?’ She literally asked me that. Whatever, I intended to pay anyway. Anyway, long story short, turns out she’s had sex with one person and basically was not good in bed. She lied all the way through. You don’t want to date a person like that.

– Dylan, 25

20. She asked me how much I made. I didn’t think it was something people talk about on a first date, but I obliged. She didn’t talk much after that. I guess I made too little for her to be interested in me.

– Oliver, 24

21. He spilled beer all over himself and then threw up on the floor.

– Amanda, 26

22. I don’t know where to begin. He picked me up in a really nice car, then went to a really nice restaurant. I thought we were having a great time until he went to the restroom. He never came back out. I paid the bill — it was really expensive, I’ll tell you that much. God, that was so embarrassing.

– Christine, 27

23. I saw this guy once and only once. He worked at this cafe I used to go. I had the biggest crush on him, so I asked him out after mustering up the courage. He said yes and we exchanged numbers. I didn’t really know his name until that point, so I Googled him up. He’s a sex offender. Fuck that shit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

– Anne, 24

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