16 People Talk About The Loneliest Thing They’ve Ever Done

Flickr / markus spiske
Flickr / markus spiske

1. I used to talk to my goldfish.

– Jake, 26

2. I Googled, “What can I do alone on my birthday?”

– Heather, 28

3. Have you tried playing Monopoly alone? Yeah… It’s pretty boring.

– Ian, 21

4. When I turn my phone on and look through my non-existent text messages. God, I feel so alone.

– Dylan, 25

5. My parents forgot my birthday when I was 15, so I stayed in my room all day, reading Harry Potter.

– Nicholas, 20

6. I dreamt I was with a girl, and we played hide and go seek. She ran into a room and I followed her in. She wasn’t there. I woke up with the strangest feeling, like someone I loved had suddenly disappeared from my life. I felt broken inside for the entire day.

– Jacob, 23

7. No one replied to my wedding invitation. No one.

– Madeline, 29

8. When my dad died — I remember walking past his room and not seeing him hunched over his desk building his model cars. God, the house felt so empty that day.

– George, 27

9. I used to sneak into the bathroom to eat lunch, so people wouldn’t make fun of me eating alone in the cafeteria.

– Holly, 24

10. I went to a strip club on Christmas.

– Derek, 33

11. I planned this really great party at my place for Saint Patrick’s Day and invited everyone I knew. Come Saint Patrick’s day and no one shows up. No one sent me a text message or nothing. I drank until I puked and cried watching TV in my bedroom.

– Stephanie, 26

12. I realized I had no one I could call when I have an emergency.

– Tommy, 24

13. A couple of years ago, my dog, Copper, was diagnosed with cancer. He went through treatment, but in the end, he wasn’t going to make it. To ease his pain, I sang to him, changing up words to Ocean Avenue (Copper’s Avenue), I Miss You (I’ll Miss You Copper), and the like. Goddamn it, I miss you Copper.

– Brent, 28

14. I used to pretend I had friends on The Sims. I’d throw a huge party and bask in the glory.

– Puja, 25

15. I buy loads of TV dinners and I’m pretty sure the cashiers at the supermarket know I live alone.

– Ralphie, 21

16. I talk to myself when I’m in front of the mirror. It’s the only conversation I have the entire day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

– Sal, 25

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